About Me & Review Policy

About Me

For my author bio, visit my author site.

Actually, I think that pretty much say everything. I write, and I love to read.

Review Policy

I receive no monetary compensation for reviews, aside from what I earn through affiliate links attached to this site. Books I review may come from NetGalley or from a publisher, free of charge, or may come from the library or as a purchase. The book's source will be specified in each review.

Presently, Me Want Food is not soliciting books for review. However, I'll welcome book suggestions from readers, authors, and publishers. Please fill out this form, and if I think the book looks interesting I may give it a try. I am unable to respond to queries via this form, but will do my best to tag an author on Twitter if I write a review. Suggest as many books as you wish, but the form allows for only one book at a time.

Some helpful hints: I enjoy small town contemporary romances, historical fiction (especially Tudor era through 1920s, old Hollywood era, and Civil War romance), alternate history, and LGBT, particularly lesbian romance and other fiction. It doesn't necessarily have to be erotic - I read all heat levels.

I am not big on BDSM, dark paranormal, New Adult, and P2P fan fiction. The standard no-no's apply as well: no rape/abuse for titillation, racist or anti-religious materials, snuff or gross porn.

I will consider self-published works, but please note all titles I review should be available at multiple stores.