Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Muddle: Now Taking Suggestions

Looks like stepbrother billionaires are the new black. I'm currently taking suggestions for a new pen name in order to write them. Seriously, what's one more brass ring to reach for in this topsy turvy world of publishing? Comments welcome. Nothing like Seymour Buttocks, though.

This I'll put the finishing touches on Part Two of On the Sly, set for Sexy To Go, Volume 7. You can read the first part in Volume 6, and the finale will wrap in Volume 8.

Buy Volume 6: ARe ~ AMZ ~ BN ~ KOBO ~ ITUNES

As for the rest of the year in Sexy To Go, I intend to write separate stories rather than serialize again. I like that Sexy To Go gives me the opportunity to work on longer stories at a comfortable pace, but I realize people react differently to serials. On the Sly will be published in its entirety at a later date, likely with more material, and I'll announce when. I had intended for it to be the bonus story when I release Sly Vs. Sly, but it's getting long and could stand on its own.

On the Sly is enjoyable for me because it's set in 1989. It's a challenge to write the era, especially when your mind is on cell phones and Internet and other things that didn't exist at the time. People were scared of HIV, and to have a story about two gay men finding each other in the late 80s presents an opportunity to discuss it. 

So maybe for the rest of my STG tenure I'll write followups to existing stories. A short set in the Vectra universe, or another Dare story. I'm waiting to hear on my alligator shifter, too, so I have that in reserve. I could also write a followup to my short, Lyon's Den, that came out in Coming Together: Outside the Box.

Still no word on when "Dare's Destiny" and First Lady Love is expected to come out. It may come out in print, too, but I'm waiting to hear.