Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sexy to Go Vol. 4: 99 Cents Introductory Price!

Sexy To Go, Volume 4 is starting to pop up for sale, and we're selling it for an introductory price of 99 cents. It'll go up to its original price of $2.99 soon.


About the Box Set

April showers bring May flowers and erotic romance stories filled with BDSM, contemporary and historical lovers, psychics, erotic science fiction and paranormal twists. With so many stories to choose from, there’s no way to read just one, so read all ten! Then, come back next month for another sassy bundle of Sexy to Go.

Broad Daylight by Tara Quan
After sneaking off to confront the woman her husband had almost married, Kailee faces immediate reprisal. Damien has a creative punishment in store for his reluctant bride, one involving an audience.

Due Diligence Part 2 by Sorcha Mowbray
Lucas Bowerton needs to confirm the CFO of Darrington, Inc, Adriana Leighton, lives up to her resume. He never expected to find a sexy submissive he'd break all the rules to posses. Together they will discover if due diligence will pay off.

Rewriting the Law, Part 2 Daisy Banks
Ansgar Vorstil has discovered a lone female who has wandered in from the desert. Though an off-worlder she fulfills all requirements of a mate. She drank the water he offered, allowed him to strip her profane garb, and he will claim her.

A Proper Rock Chick by Sofia Grey
Rock star Charlie has stolen Daisy’s heart, but is she enough to satisfy him? A weekend away in London might just be enough to turn her into a proper rock chick.

Claimed by a Leprechaun by Jocelyn Dex
Desperate to claim Sky and to explain his disappearance, Desmond takes drastic measures. Will Sky embrace Desmond and his world, or will she run in horror?

The Boss’s Brother by Sotia Lazu
June expects to get fired, after how she’s been ogling her boss’s brother, Dorian. She's in the midst of her own pity party when Dorian shows up. June gives him a piece of her mind—and then some.

Dreamwalker: Touched by Pamela Moran
Sent to protect a local lawman from a Cartel Dreamwalker, FBI agent Shaye Taggart is shocked to find the tables turned as sexy Sheriff Hawkins walks right into her dreams.

Sly Fox by Leigh Ellwood
Anson Fox moves to Archer Beach for a fresh start in life. He has designs on his older, gorgeous boss, but Adrian Sinclair is new to dating men. What better way to start than with the new guy in town?

Ghosts From the Past by Eva Lefoy
Called before the Supreme Shifter Council, Casi faces the repercussions of her impulsive actions, and their impact on the pack, but instead of reprimand, she receives the shock of her life.

Almost Goodbye by Shiloh Saddler
Daniel and James are about to sell their cotton harvest. If it doesn’t bring the money needed then the bank will take James to cover the debt. Daniel wants to give his dark lover enough pleasure to last a lifetime, something they can remember if this is goodbye.



Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Muddle: Goodbye, Spring Breakers

This past weekend saw the last wave of spring breakers, mostly from the colleges. They call it "Greek Weekend," named for the fraternities and sororities who drive down in clusters. Overall, though, it wasn't very pleasant. The weather didn't cooperate, and the news reported at least one young person shot and killed. Very sad to think you've come to the beach for a tradition of fun and letting off steam and something like that happens. I feel horrible for it - it happened not far from where I lived, and while I don't know the circumstances no parents should receive a call from out of town police saying their child was killed on Spring Break.

I never did the "Spring Break" thing in college. For one, I lived in Florida already and there was plenty to do and see at home. I could drive to the beach from campus easily. For two, my mother said oh hell no. Looking back, I don't blame her. It wasn't that she didn't trust me. The most I ever did on Spring Break was a trip to Disney World, staying with relatives. I don't want to think yet about when the little one gets to be that age and wanting to spend a weekend somewhere with her friends, unsupervised.

Well, while the kids were holed up in their hotels during the rain, I wrote. I finished my short for the upcoming Sci Spanks 2015. It will be a followup to my 2014 story "Skin", the longer version of which is still 99 cents in the first Sexy To Go box set. Seriously, it goes back to regular price in May. Now's your chance.


In the meantime, Sexy To Go Volume 4 is in the can and uploaded, so it will be out any day. My story for that set is "Sly Fox," an 8K MM short that's sort of connected to my Volume 3 story "He's So Sly." This is a new story, not a reprint, that introduces the Men of Sylvester Street universe I've been developing. 

Anson Fox is new to Archer Beach and ready to make a fresh start. His boss Adrian is new in a way, too - he's native to the area, but has recently come out. So we have two men looking to start over in different ways, and they have found each other. It is a nice story, I think, and will continue in a second part due out in the May Sexy To Go.

Slowly and surely, too, I'm putting together the Men & Mayhem box set, which will have seven previously published titles. All will be revised, some lengthened, and all are MM and fantasy and/or paranormal.

Isn't this neat. A box set graphic with all the titles. It doesn't stretch out across the screen like some of those multi-author collections, but maybe one day I'll sell all of my books like that. :-)


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Friday, April 24, 2015

New Release From Tina Donahue: Erotic Takeover

Tina Donahue has a new release out, and I am happy to give her a signal boost. Enjoy this preview of EROTIC TAKEOVER.

He’ll unleash her indecent desires…in the most provocative way possible

Working for a celebrated photographer of lush nudes, many with BDSM themes, isn’t easy for Jodi. She’s full-figured, wholesome and longing for Mac, her bad boy boss. His shaggy hair, wicked tat and total hotness make her dream of ditching her work as his assistant to get down on her knees as his eager sub. If he’d only notice her.

Who says he hasn’t? As laid-back as they come, Mac can’t get over how uptight Jodi is around him…like he might bite her. Not what he has in mind. Her guileless nature and voluptuous figure do dangerous things to his self-control.

Lucky for him a client’s request has Jodi finally yielding to her sensual nature, because Mac’s fully prepared to dominate, demanding her submission, delivering punishment. In other words, an erotic takeover.


Rough music thundered through the studio where Mac Callaghan photographed lush nudes. The bass alone conjured images of uncivilized sex, a man’s muscled body glistening with sweat, a woman’s pliant mouth opened on a soft, surrendering moan.
Mac strode across the spacious area, his feet bare, movements fluid, similar to a wild animal on the prowl. In his left hand, he held shackles. In his right, a leather strap, thick and brutal. At thirty-two, he was Hollywood’s premier photographer of women in varying stages of undress—lush, black-and-white portraits, many with BDSM themes of females delighting in being taken, ravished, enjoyed.
Jodi Bishop’s upper lip stuck to her teeth, her mouth was that dry. Tonguing her lip loose, she drank in Mac. At six-three, he was sinewy and solid. So damn male it made a woman forget to breathe. She dragged in some much-needed air but still felt woozy. Mac’s black tee hugged his broad shoulders and pecs just as Jodi would have liked to do. Beneath his left sleeve, a bold tat peeked out, its wide swirls gracing his brawny biceps.
God help her, she ached to lick the design then kiss her way down to his well-worn jeans. The denim hung low on his lean hips, caressing his firm ass, powerful thighs and the amazing bulge between his legs.
Jodi leaned up for a better look. Her chair squeaked. She flinched at the noise, which sounded huge, despite the music, but that didn’t keep her from ogling him.
Mac had an erection, its rigid length unmistakable behind his fly. Jodi’s head swam. She inched her attention to his large hands. His thumb stroked the irons that would soon be around a model’s slender wrists. He tapped the strap against his leg as though to remind himself of its future use. The leather swatting a woman’s plush ass, pinking up those cheeks, delivering punishment before intense warmth and pleasure followed.
Swallowing hard, Jodi warned herself to look away. Right—fat chance of that. For too many nights, she’d imagined herself stripped bare and restrained, her ass, breasts and cunt exposed for Mac’s delight and use. His hot, wet mouth on her nipples, his stubble rasping her softer flesh, his fingers exploring her cleft and needy clit.
She shivered at the thought of him playing lusty adult games with her, taking charge of her body and pleasure as her Dom. Jodi had little doubt he’d be good in the role. For the last several months, she’d been his assistant, seeing him in glorious action here. He might deliver his orders to the models in an even voice, but there was raw power behind his words. His commands were always uncompromising when it came to how he expected them to react for the camera.
“Show me you want this,” he’d ordered more than once as he’d clicked shot after shot of them being paddled, displayed, thoroughly corrupted. “Beg for more,” he’d demanded.
The model’s eyes would glaze over at his compelling baritone before they’d give him the expression he craved as an artist…and possibly as a man. Most of the women clearly wanted Mac, boasting when he wasn’t around about how they’d be the first to get him in the sack. Jodi couldn’t blame them for fantasizing about him.
He was freaking gorgeous, his features sinfully virile. A strong profile, silky black brows, eyes so blue the color didn’t seem real, sooty lashes, bronze complexion and a shadow of a beard that would make a confirmed celibate whimper.
Jodi bit back a moan.
He wore his black hair longish and shaggy, the ends dangling over his forehead and curling around his ears. One lobe sported an earring—a simple black stud that made him more tempting than a pirate—while the thick ridge behind his fly had her trembling with too much desire.
Jodi stopped herself from gaping at what he had below his waistband again. Her gaze crept north once more, past his torso to his chest, neck, bristly jaw, luscious—
“Hey, doll.”
The male model—Rocco something—stood at the side of Jodi’s desk, interrupting her indecent journey up Mac.

About the Author

I’m an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Kensington, Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Siren Publishing, Booktrope, and indie. Yay! Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised my work, and trust me, I’m forever grateful for that. I’ve had my books reach finals in the EPIC competition, one title was named Book of the Year at a review site, and others have won awards in RWA-sponsored contests. I’m actually featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. Talk about feeling like a freaking star. Before my writing career, I was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company. Outside of being an admitted and unrepentant chocoholic, I’ve flown a single-engine plane (scary stuff), rewired an old house using an electricity for dummies book, and have been known to moan like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally whenever I’m eating anything Mexican or Italian. Yeah, I like to eat (burp).

You can check me out here – yes, I am everywhere!  J

Amazon author page:
My page at TRR:
EC Author Page:
Samhain Author Page:
Sweet ‘n Sexy Divas:
Romance Books 4 US:

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Muddle: Happy 4/20

No, I'm not partaking. Close as I'll get to it today is a glass of wine and this Cheech and Chong GIF set:

Seriously, everything in moderation, folks.

This will be a busy week for me. I have a Sexy To Go deadline, and I'm still working on Sly Fox, my April contribution. Sly Fox is MM and sort of a prequel to He's So Sly. Maybe it isn't, but it's set in the same universe. The stories for my Sylvester Street series will be interchangeable in a way - you will be able to read them out of the order and not get lost. The plan eventually is to write one more short and put out the first thee as an omnibus, then go on to longer stories. I have a string of titles to use, so that should keep me busy for a while.

After April, my May contribution to Sexy To Go will be a reprint. I've done my best to avoid that with these bundles, but I need the extra month to plan something new. Also, I'll have two releases in June to promote so my time is going elsewhere then. Plus the May Torquere story. I haven't started to think about the fall yet. Oh, and I signed up for the summer Sci Spanks. I should get started on that, too. Hm.


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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Secret's "Out"!

First up, 25% #AREBLAST sale at All Romance! Click the banner to see my books on sale. I have a lot of 99 cent titles marked down.

Now it can be told: that F/F novella I've been yakking about all year? It's due out in June as part of the ARe Books imprint. Every year ARe has released themed novellas, and this year they decided to do another line especially for Pride Month. I'm thrilled not only to contribute a lesbian romance to this line, but to have one of the first two lesbian romances ARe Books has published! Anastasia Vitsky has written the second book.

Special thanks to Alessia Brio, who edited this work, and to ARe Books for asking me to contribute.

Here's the cover reveal. I hope you enjoy the story when it's out in June.

This June, ARe Books presents OUT FOR YOU, a new line of LBGTQ romance novellas celebrating love and pride. We are excited to have so many bestselling and award-winning authors contributing works to this series. Watch AReCafe for future cover reveals, but for now enjoy this preview of THE SWEETEST DARE, coming soon from Leigh Ellwood.

About the Book

Sugar’s sweet, but Sidney Campbell brings the spice! Kit Cheever is more than eager to work with the gorgeous blonde at Tish’s Riches, the best chocolate shop in Virginia. While the long days at the job hardly exhaust them for long nights at play, Sidney hopes for more in their relationship than candy-coated orgasms.

Kit would oblige, but she likes her privacy. The people of Dareville don’t need to know she and Sidney are anything more than co-workers. Why be “out” when it’s so much hotter indoors?

Kit won’t even hold her hand in public, which upsets Sidney. She’s not asking Kit to march in a parade, just to acknowledge her feelings to the people she loves. What will it take to get Kit out of the closet and into Sidney’s heart?

About the Author

Leigh Ellwood writes erotica and romance, particularly M/M and F/F pairings. She is a two-time finalist for the Gold Crown Literary Society Award and an EPIC Award finalist and winner.

When Leigh isn't writing, she reads. She enjoys all genres, especially historical fiction.






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Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Muddle: Revealing Info

I'm thinking Monday the 13th comes with its own brand of unluckiness. I shouldn't complain, though. I've come back from a nice visit with family, but I brought back a change of seasons cold. I dressed for the warm weather but wasn't exactly prepared for it. Took in a nice snootful of pollen and here I am - clogged and scratchy.

I'm alive, anyway, and home and adjusting back to work. Styx and Stone is in the can. Edited, proofed, and waiting release. I received this nice graphic to promo the whole series:

I'm in pretty good company. Eva and Shiloh are part of the Sexy To Go team, and I've read works by some of the other authors listed. I'm not sure if this hunk is part of my cover, but as this is a multi-author series I'm thinking yes. 

Speaking of done-zo projects, I'll turn in The Sweetest Dare this week. Watch for the cover reveal in a few days. I'm still chiseling away at the third Class story which I hope the publisher likes enough to contract. At the same time, I'm writing my April Sexy To Go story, the second Sylvester Street tale. I look forward to making that a lengthy series.

After that, a project I'm planning under a new pen name. More on that later.


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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Monday Muddle

If you celebrated Easter or Passover, I hope you had a safe and happy time. We don't have many family traditions for Easter beyond eating a huge meal and enjoying each other's company, and that's just what we did yesterday. Growing up, I remember Sunday dinners with tons of pasta and meatballs and once in a while Mom would dilute some red wine for the older kids. I enjoyed these times best when we had more family joining us. In my grandmother's home in Fort Pierce, Florida, the dining room table must have been ten feet long. Dark green glasses for water, warm bread with butter, and laughter in thick Italian accents. It would make a great story one day.

I don't get a Spring Break, but little one does, so she will be spending quality time with the grandparents. I have carved out some free time as well for reading. Hopefully in the sun. I finished Redemption Bay by RaeAnne Thayne (AMZ / BN / KOBO) which I enjoyed. The more I read small-town contemporaries in the HQN style, I wonder why I don't write these. I believe this will be my real-name project. I plan to put Geek Meets Girl to print soon and write more romance in that name. Why not try a sub-genre I like?

I am almost finished with The Rancher's Dream by Kathleen O'Brien (AMZ / BN / KOBO). This may be the last of the Belle River Ranch series, I cannot say. As it's about characters not directly connected to the sisters, it's a fair guess. After this, I have several books on the need-to-read-now and must-finish-for-book-challenges lists. Always a challenge to pick just one.

I received my edits back for Styx and Stone, and edits are coming back for The Sweetest Dare. I will be happy to have them done and ready to format. I'm about 5K into my next MM story to be submitted, and then the follow up to that. I also have to decide on a story for the April Sexy To Go. I'm leaning close to another Sylvester Street story to follow "He's So Sly." I do appreciate everybody who's picked up the first Sexy To Go for 99 cents. It will be for sale all this month.

I don't know, what should I write next? What would you buy next?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Releases and a 99 Cent Sale!

Sexy To Go, Volume 3 is our largest collection yet - 12 authors and close to 60k. My story, "He's So Sly," is MM erotica and the first Sylvester Street story. The second one, "Sly Fox," will appear in the April box set, and from there I'll be writing more MM goodness in this new series.

I haven't neglected others, though. Tomorrow I'll be at the Decadent Publishing Facebook Party talking about my Class series, which is part of 1Night Stand. I'm working on the next two stories simultaneously - the goal is to write long enough for a collection.

For now, buy Sexy to Go, Vol. 3 at Amazon and ARe and Kobo. Coming elsewhere soon.

Now that the third box is out, we've reduced the price of Sexy to Go, Vol. 1 (ARe / AMZ / BN / KOBO) to 99 cents! This sale lasts through April, so if you haven't picked up this sex now is the time.

This morning I learned that the all F/F Love Spanks 2015 collection is now in paperback. You can get copies at Amazon or B&N. Speaking of F/F, I'm currently going back and forth with a cover artist on my upcoming novella. Can't wait to share the end result. The mock ups look great so far. Haven't seen a cover for the F/F box set, but I'll share once I get a copy and the go-ahead.

Back to writing, later!