Monday, November 9, 2015

S*A*L*E on M/M Romance, Plus a Bit of Kink

Now through the end of November, you can get ONE SWEET RIDE for 99 cents in eBook.


ONE SWEET RIDE was previously published as TASTE THIS, and the follow-up BITTERSWEET, is also available.


Here's the official blurb for Book #1:

Warning – This novella is probably one of the smuttiest Leigh has written. This story features explicit scenes of M/M sex, FFM sex, MMF sex, MMMM sex, and some other combinations. There’s anal, people licking private places, and more. At the core of this story, though, is a love story between two men.

Kelly Landry loves to bake. He’s living the dream, running the busiest bakery cafe in town. At Taste This, people come from all over for his chocolate chip cookies…even from outer space.

Tobin, captain of the Jiu’Kr, can’t satisfy his sweet tooth. He loves Kelly’s cookies, but would prefer to have the hunky chef in his bed. One he gets him aboard the Vectran ship, he shows Kelly how to make every day sweet, and hot. Yet, can Tobin and Kelly live on chocolate and sex alone?


I've had the honor of previewing the other stories coming from ARe Books this December in the Bound To Be Naughty collection. All I can say is, if you enjoy kinky romance your TBR is going to be happy happy happy. I'm thrilled, too, that a few authors I've worked with in the past are part of this multi-author series. Bridget Midway just did an author event this past weekend to show off her latest Phaze book, but you'll have to wait until December to pick up LEARNING THE HARD WAY. 

Erzabet Bishop appeared in the first Coming Together anthology I edited (GIRL ON GIRL) but her Bound To Be Naughty story is multiple partners, it's called CRAVE. If you haven't seen all the covers yet, you can view them on ARe's Pinterest Board. There will be a Facebook launch party for these stories, you can check my Twitter for the time and dates.


I have two submissions out, one Leigh and one real name. The Leigh story is for a January anthology, so I'm expecting to hear about that one soon. I recently hit 2k on another anthology submission, due at the end of the week, but as I read the story I find it isn't quite working for me. So I'm at a crossroads here: do I continue and see how it finishes, or shelve the project for a later day and focus on another important WIP? The thing with this deadline MS, though, is the scope of the project is specific. Read: it's a theme that I might not be able to revamp elsewhere. So this means what I've written so far may never see light.

Eh, it happens. How many authors have cut chunks of writing, either without a second thought or with great pain? One thing is for certain, I'm not deducting the words written from my NaNo count!

I've also received word that iBooks shuts down for an extended vacation in the winter. If I want DARING HIM on iTunes before Christmas I need to boogie. Come back next week to see how well, or unwell, I've done.

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