Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Muddle: Rainy Days and Mondays...

SEXY TO GO, VOL. 10 is now available at all the major eBook retailers. For this set, I have revamped my MM short, Surveillance.


For the final two installments of 2015, I will include two other previously released shorts. However, if I don't receive word back on a submission to another house, I will swap. I do hope that short gets contracted, though. It's a hot MMM with a bear of man and two younger studs. Been a while since I've written an all-male threebie.

In 2016, Sexy To Go will move to a quarterly release calendar. This means we'll be able to write longer stories, and I think we're doing some themed boxes as well. I'm all for that - the mixed boxes are fun, but I do know readers would enjoy a collection of all alphas, all billionaires, all cowboys, etc. I look forward to seeing what we do here.

COMING TOGETHER: STRANGE SHIFTERS has an original MM short of mine, called "Gator Tail." I had so much fun writing this story, that if time permits I'll expand upon the universe. "Gator Tail" alludes to another MM shifter I wrote, "Fox's Holiday," which is in COMING TOGETHER FOR THE HOLIDAYS. I know wolves, bears, and cats are popular but there's something about the unique shifter that brings out the creativity in me,


For now, I am waiting on the release of TOUCH OF CLASS, my first MF pairing in a while. As I mentioned before, it's part of the All Romance collection BOUND TO BE NAUGHTY, kink and BDSM novellas. Mine is connected to the two 1Night Stand stories I've done for Decadent, but those are both MM. I hadn't intended to write an MF pairing, but when the opportunity came up and I started the story I realized it worked better this way, and there was an opportunity to bring more characters into play. If you missed the cover reveal on AReCafe here it is again:

I do love a nice cover, and Erin Dameron-Hill crafted this one. :-)

I am signed up for NaNoWriMo, under my real name. The project is happening under that name - it's outlined and I'm off to a good start. I have to write my words at night because of the day job, but given my enthusiasm for the project I find the words are coming easier. I may just make it this time. In the meantime, my other name is waiting to hear on a submission and I'm hoping for good news soon. Cross fingers.

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