Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rockin' Reads Blog Hop

rockin reads

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Like Joan Jett says, I love rock and roll. I also love to read. Normally I keep several books open at one time and savor/devour each one. Some people may not be able to open another book while they're still engaged in one story, but I find I can keep track well enough. It's how I'm able to exceed my Goodreads challenge goals, and since I do some editing/proofing on the side it helps to have multi-tasking skills.

Anyway, we're here to talk rockin' reads, and I've had a pretty rockin' month. I just finished serializing a M/M Men of Sylvester Street story, On the Sly, for the Sexy To Go box set series. On the Sly appeared in Volumes 6, 7, and 8. When I collect it for individual release, I'll be pairing it with another story in the series, Sly Vs. Sly, now in progress. Daring Destiny, part of the all F/F anthology First Ladylove is out and getting all sorts of attention. The latter is more about wine than rock and roll, though, but if you think about it the two go together. :-)

For rockin' reads, I plan in October and beyond to re-release the first four books in the Home to Dareville series, of which Daring Destiny is a part. Daring Him (formerly Truth or Dare) has a new cover and just needs some touching up. Then Daring Her (formerly Dare Me) is next. These first two books star rock musicians, both leaving the big city for small town inspiration. I look forward to bringing them back to new readers who enjoy contemporary with a bit of spice. ;-)

As for rockin' inspiration, it's no secret I enjoy music as I write. I'm totally devoted to classic rock: Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Traffic, Genesis, Rush, all the big power bands of the 70s-80s. Can't get enough of them. I couldn't tell you who's on the Billboard charts now, if they still exist.

Who are some of your favorite rock bands/musicians? I'll do an extra giveaway and choose a comment at random to win a free eBook from my backlist.

Rock on!


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southernwoman8 said...

My favorite band is Pink Floyd and David Gilmour playing solo. He just put out a new album Rattle That Lock!

Michelle Willms said...

My favorite band of all time is the Eagles, though I love Maroon 5 and many other bands.

BookLady said...

I enjoy rock music from the 80's including Bon Jovi, Journey, Night Ranger, and REO Speedwagon.