Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Guest Author B.A. Tortuga: Writing, Waiting for Fall

Please welcome B.A. Tortuga!

I’ve been blessed with a three book release this month (a m/m/m paranormal, a m/m contemporary and a m/f contemporary western). It’s a crazy thing, trying to juggle All The Things, but I’m trying.

It seems like the whole world starts to wake up in September. My son, my mother and my high school best friend all have birthdays. My wife and I celebrate our  couple anniversary (which is not our wedding anniversary). The iced coffee mornings become brewed coffee and we start wearing jeans instead of shorts and we start discussing things like chimney sweeps and buying the wood for the winter and when should we put the summer clothes away and start unpacking the winter ones.

I have to tell y’all. Moving from Austin, Texas to the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico you learn all about winter weather. I’ve never been in snow before, not like this. Or Halloweens where it’s not 90 degrees.  Or a place where coats aren’t a suggestion.

I fall in love with where I live (thank God) and I’m currently in transition from writing only about Texas to adding New Mexico and Colorado to my writing world. City Country is a m/f book about an east Texas bullrider and the curvy goth girl from Austin and how they bring their lives together. The second book in the Release series, The Articles of Release, is also set in the Austin area, with one native central Texan and the wounded warrior Cajun who ends up recovering there. Needing To is a m/m/m paranormal (werewolves because WEREWOLVES) set closer to my new hometown. It’s up in the mountains near Ouray, Colorado on the western slope, and I’m loving this, exploring my new landscape in fiction.

My wife, Julia Talbot, and I just finished a new magical realism series set in Santa Fe and I’ve had a novel set in Madrid, New Mexico as well, which is inspired by the Native America art that my new home is surrounded with.

Please check out my new releases here:, complete with blurbs and excerpts.

It’s been fabulous and I can’t wait to see where we go next!

Much love,  y’all!

BA Tortuga
Because sometimes fistfights are foreplay.

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