Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Muddle: Two Out of Three

August is definitely the hottest month, more so over here. At this writing, I'm coming to you from a house without AC. That's right, the unit supposed to cool our home is busted with a capital *$&%, and we're waiting for a part while making do with a portable unit. It's primitive living here, but I've suffered worse. I'm worried more that the wine will spoil.

I could use some cheering up, so if you're in the mood for some sexy reading I have two parts of a three-part serial available through SEXY TO GO, Vols. 6 & 7. ON THE SLY takes us back to 1989. Colin is working the local LGBT bookstore in Archer Beach and digging the Sylvester Street scene, while Officer Jeremy Truman's on the hunt for the Jackson Park Jumper, who's been assaulting gay man after dark. Colin wants to help apprehend him, and Tru will do anything to protect Colin.

Buy Volume 6: ARe ~ AMZ ~ BN ~ KOBO ~ ITUNES ~ SMASH

Buy Volume 7: ARe ~ AMZ ~ BN ~ KOBO ~ ITUNES ~ SMASH

You may be asking, why are the covers MF when my stories are MM? The bundles are a mixed bag, with MF stories being the majority. In fact, in 6 & 7 you'll find the first two parts of GEEK OVERBOARD under my other name, so it's two times of me in each of these bundles. ON THE SLY will conclude in Volume 8, while GEEK OVERBOARD will go on a few more volumes.

Meanwhile, I've received word that FIRST LADY LOVE is almost finishing. A cover reveal and release date are due any time now. I look forward to sharing the information as I get it.


Once ON THE SLY is done, that will be the last serialization I'll do for Sexy to Go. Anything else I'll contribute will be standalone shorts, and in the meantime I've started work on something longer. I look forward to sharing the next phase of my writing with you. :-)

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