Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Muddle: On the Road, Back Online

While I haven't been 100 percent offline, I've spent the last two weeks on the road. Most of the time, we spent visiting family - staying with the parents in Florida and the in-laws up north. Somewhere in the middle we took a day to visit the old school - the University of Georgia, that is. DH and I spent five years in Athens while he worked on his degree and I worked - first at a bookstore, then the library. This marked the beginning of my history in book-work, and it was in Athens where I started work on one of my first books (a mystery novel).

It's said you can't go home again, and there's truth in the statement. However, we were pleased to find some of our favorite haunts remained and changed little over the years. There's a vegetarian eatery in Athens called The Grit, where we ate at least twice a week back in the day. I call it a vegetarian restaurant for non-vegetarians. It's meatless comfort food, not all of it healthy but it tastes good, and if you eat there enough it may just convert you.

Much as I love to travel, it crimps on my writing time. There are distractions, and people need my attention. Plus I had an anniversary in here, too, so we set down the electronic devices for that. While I was away, part two of On The Sly came out in Sexy To Go, Volume 7 (Buy: ARe ~ AMZITUNES ~ SMASH). The final installment will appear in Volume 8, and after that I have at least one holiday story planned. I haven't decided how I will finish out the box sets, but I'm sure something will come to me.

I'm still waiting to hear on an MM shifter submission, as well as the FF box set that will carry Daring Destiny. In the meantime, I can write again now that I'm back in my chair. After the few stories I've promised, I plan to go into deep cave mode for something longer. It's time, and I have ideas I want to get on paper before I forget.

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