Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Monday's Muddle on Tuesday

I didn't write my usual Monday post yesterday because I took some time off. Yeah, me, who doesn't have enough time to get through my eternal to-do list. Yesterday was the DH's birthday, and it was the big 5-0 so of course we needed to celebrate it. We spent the day in Williamsburg and enjoyed lunch and a walk among the colonial trappings. I miss living there - it's so quiet, even during the peak tourist season. I don't miss how easily it is to get lost while driving around town, but maybe if I'm fortunate enough to retire we can find a place up there.

I had a weird dream the other night, too. A Doctor Who dream, which I rarely have, so I'm glad to have remembered parts of this one. I was a companion and River Song was there, and while Twelve was outside doing something the two of us slipped into the TARDIS. Before I realized it, we were floating away and leaving him behind. Neither one of us had control of the ship.

I turned to River Song and said, "If he asks, we'll blame this on Clara." I pushed a button and brought us back. The Doctor didn't say anything, but took us for a ride into a future where somebody had built a theme park on the moon, where unofficial Gay Days were going on. Like at Disney. The Doctor says, "We should go there," and pulls in the TARDIS.

Here's where it got weird: somewhere along the line we get separated. I'm in an admission line and while I have a ticket I have to wait for my name to be called to enter this park. People arriving after me are getting in first, which pisses me off (perhaps a clue to real issues) until finally I'm told they've reached their cap for the day. I have to come tomorrow to use my ticket, and the park people put me in one of their resorts for the night. Next thing I know I'm waking up in a cell-like room with the feeling something bad is going to happen. That's when I wake up.

I used to keep track of my dreams to interpret them, and I imagine there's quite a bit I could get out of this one to apply to real life. I'd hate to think the Doctor and River Song were intentionally trying to ditch me, though. :(


Slowly, slowly, I am whittling away at a short for Sexy To Go, Volume 6. The team is voting on a cover graphic now, and I think they are leaning toward a couple this time instead of Solo Sexy Guy. I suppose it's fine if the majority of stories are M/F pairings. Mine is another M/M in the Sylvester Street universe, but it's semi-historical. By that, I mean it's set in the 80s and is a precursor to the final novella in the main trilogy. I haven't figured out a title for it yet. Sly Foxes is #1, Sly Vs. Sly will be #2, and I am leaning toward I, Sly as the third.

While that's going on, I just turned in my edits for Daring Destiny, which is part of the First Lady Love all F/F anthology. Cover is coming, I'm told, so I can't wait to show it off. I'll need to decide when to release the story on its own, if at all.

Priority now, though, are a few books to edit/proof. I've had the pleasure of previewing Bridget Midway's Slave To Love, which is the sequel to Love My Way. The first book was about a woman who joins an elimination TV show for a Dom searching for his new submissive. Slave To Love turns the tables, now the show focuses on a new submissive looking for a Dom, or Domme. If you've read any of Bridget's books, you will want to read this one. I know all the hype this summer is about that other book (you know the one), but Slave To Love deserves its own hype. It's long, but it reads so quickly, it drew me in that well.

On top of this, I'm helping tidy up new releases for other authors. I'll be sharing them soon. :)

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