Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Favorite Heroines Blog Hop + Giveaway #FavoriteHeroines2015

I am thrilled to be part of the Favorite Heroines Giveaway Hop! Don't forget to visit everybody else today, and I'm giving away prizes!

I love to read, so of course many heroines have stayed with me over the years. More recently, I've become engrossed in the Lunar Chronicles and am quite fond of Cinder Linh, who's appeared in Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. If you're not familiar with the series, it's a futuristic take on fairytales, with a cyborg Cinderella fighting an evil queen who wants control of the Earth and her moon home. So far she's enlisted the help of a young woman in a red cape, and another with long hair, trapped in a satellite. It's coming to you now, right? Cinder is on sale at a great price for eBook, definitely worth the read.

This year I began two reading challenges, and the book High Hearts by Rita Mae Brown fulfilled slots in both. This is one of her older works, somewhat atypical of the books she's known to write. It is historical fiction and the heroine, Geneva Chatfield, disguises herself as a Confederate solider so she can be with her husband. As I understand it, more than a few women did this in real life, and if you like historical romance you may want to try this.

Speaking of disguises, Arya Stark of A Game of Thrones should go on my list as well. I've only read the first book and haven't seen the show (no spoilers please!), but I became engrossed in Arya's story as she flees the Lannisters disguised as a young boy. I do intend to read the other books. Really. I mean it.

So these are just three heroines I have enjoyed. How about you?


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Thanks for joining the hop! We readers love the heroines you authors write about!