Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Muddle: Men & Mayhem

This week I have released Men And Mayhem, seven stories in a box set that will sell for an introductory 99 cents through mid-July.

Buy: ARe ~ AMZ ~ KOBO ~ SMASH (BN & ITUNES Soon)

This collection brings together stories that have been previously published through various houses. All are M/M with some degree of paranormal or fantastical elements:

  • Enter Sandman – Formerly with Phaze Books, 3k words added
  • Fox’s Holiday – Currently available in Coming Together: For the Holidays
  • GPS – Formerly with All Romance eBooks' 28 Days of Heart
  • Heal Me – Formerly with Phaze Books as The Healing, revised heavily
  • Jack – Formerly with Phaze Books in two parts (Jack of Diamonds, Jack of Hearts), revised heavily and also available in Coming Together Pro Bono
  • Simon Says… – Currently available in Spank or Treat 2014
  • Why Why Zed? – Formerly with Phaze Books
When I received the rights back to some of these stories, I sat on them for a while and thought about what to do with them. Do I re-release them as is, try to lengthen them, or just shelve them indefinitely? After much consideration, I decided not to revisit older stories for major revamping, not when I have so many unfinished projects and ideas I want to see to completion. Tempted as I am to rewrite the past, I need to focus on the future.

I find lately I am less inclined to publish shorts on their own. Readers want longer works, and while I can price a short story at 99 cents it doesn't seem like much of a bargain compared to novels available at the same price. Combined, these seven stories revised come to 57,000 words. That's a good number for a collection, so here it is. The stories have been re-edited and in some cases retooled.

I will continue to write short - I enjoy writing them - but going forward I will endeavor to write shorts for submission calls. As I regain rights to stories still out there, I'll be grouping them into collections. Every self-published effort going forward will log in at 20,000 words minimum either as a full story or a collection of shorts. 

Coming up next, Part 2 of my M/M contemporary, Sly Fox, in Sexy To Go, Volume 5. This half is hotter than the first, and will anchor more stories set on Sylvester Street. 

For the June collection, I haven't decided on the story, so I suppose we'll all be surprised come the end of next month. :-)

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