Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2015 Reading Challenges: The Damage So Far

Why did I decide to take on three different reading challenges in one year? I am closet masochist; that's the only answer making sense.

The good news is, I'm only two books away from finishing the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. I need only to finish a book published before 1850 (reading George Sand's Indiana now) and a book that won the National Book Award, Pulitzer, or Booker in the last ten years. I have Just Kids by Patti Smith standing by. What I've read for this, I counted applicable books toward the PopSugar Reading Challenge, which is longer. Here's what is left of that:
  • Book over 500 pages - I have a few candidates, most likely the Game of Thrones sequel.
  • Classic Romance - I have The Flame and the Flower in my reader
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning book - I'm waiting for All the Light We Cannot See  to free up at the library
  • Book my mom loves - My mom reads a lot of Robin Cook and Patricia Cornwell. Will flip a coin.
  • Book more than 100 years old - This will be Indiana
  • Book I was supposed to read in school but didn't - Hard to say. I mostly read the assigned books, but tended to skip around a lot. I will probably pick The Chosen since I felt bad for never finishing it for my assignment.
  • Book with antonyms in the title - I have North and South in my reader.
  • Book that came out the year I was born - Lots to choose from, but leaning toward Angle of Repose
  • Trilogy -  Do trilogies still exist? Everything's a series now. The obvious suspects I've already read. There's still the Dragon Tattoo books, though.
  • Book from my childhood - There is one I want to read again, called Roller Skates.
  • Book set in high school - Already read SE Hinton and Wonder. Maybe a Sweet Valley High I never got around to reading.
  • Book I own but have never read - Plenty of those around.
  • Book set during Christmas - The seasonal romances will be out this fall. I'm sure to find one attached to a series I read.
  • Book written by author with my initials - I'm going by my real name here, and there is nothing out there. :P
  • Play - Logic says Shakespeare, but I'd like to read something more contemporary.
  • Banned book - This could also be Indiana. We will see.
Then I set up a personal challenge, called Here There and Everywhere, where I sought to expand my romance palate. I created a flexible list for fifteen titles.

Romance Authors Everybody (But Me) Reads

1. One Nora Roberts romance
2. One J.R. Ward romance (The Bourbon Kings)
3. One Jude Deveraux romance
4. One Sherrilyn Kenyon romance
5. One Sandra Brown romance

Genres/Tropes I Don't Normally Read

1. One Motorcycle Club novel (Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde)
2. One Scottish Highlander romance
3. One M/M novel with BDSM elements Somebody to Love by Shannon West FINISHED 4/15/15
4. One MFM menage novel
5. One New Adult romance To Overthrow Evil by Sam Crescent FINISHED 5/5/15

Romance Authors, Diversity Edition
To be named as I choose them.

1. Black Soul by Kiru Taye FINISHED 5/6/15
2. The Dowry Bride by Shobhan Bantwal FINISHED 3/13/15
3. A Dance With Danger by Jeannie Lin FINISHED 4/28/15
4. The Look of Love by Crystal Bright FINISHED 5/1/15
5. Bound With Love by Megan Mulry FINISHED 5/17/15

Still looking for the menage and Highlander stories. Suggestions always welcome.

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