Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Muddle: Goodbye, Spring Breakers

This past weekend saw the last wave of spring breakers, mostly from the colleges. They call it "Greek Weekend," named for the fraternities and sororities who drive down in clusters. Overall, though, it wasn't very pleasant. The weather didn't cooperate, and the news reported at least one young person shot and killed. Very sad to think you've come to the beach for a tradition of fun and letting off steam and something like that happens. I feel horrible for it - it happened not far from where I lived, and while I don't know the circumstances no parents should receive a call from out of town police saying their child was killed on Spring Break.

I never did the "Spring Break" thing in college. For one, I lived in Florida already and there was plenty to do and see at home. I could drive to the beach from campus easily. For two, my mother said oh hell no. Looking back, I don't blame her. It wasn't that she didn't trust me. The most I ever did on Spring Break was a trip to Disney World, staying with relatives. I don't want to think yet about when the little one gets to be that age and wanting to spend a weekend somewhere with her friends, unsupervised.

Well, while the kids were holed up in their hotels during the rain, I wrote. I finished my short for the upcoming Sci Spanks 2015. It will be a followup to my 2014 story "Skin", the longer version of which is still 99 cents in the first Sexy To Go box set. Seriously, it goes back to regular price in May. Now's your chance.


In the meantime, Sexy To Go Volume 4 is in the can and uploaded, so it will be out any day. My story for that set is "Sly Fox," an 8K MM short that's sort of connected to my Volume 3 story "He's So Sly." This is a new story, not a reprint, that introduces the Men of Sylvester Street universe I've been developing. 

Anson Fox is new to Archer Beach and ready to make a fresh start. His boss Adrian is new in a way, too - he's native to the area, but has recently come out. So we have two men looking to start over in different ways, and they have found each other. It is a nice story, I think, and will continue in a second part due out in the May Sexy To Go.

Slowly and surely, too, I'm putting together the Men & Mayhem box set, which will have seven previously published titles. All will be revised, some lengthened, and all are MM and fantasy and/or paranormal.

Isn't this neat. A box set graphic with all the titles. It doesn't stretch out across the screen like some of those multi-author collections, but maybe one day I'll sell all of my books like that. :-)


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