Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Monday Muddle

If you celebrated Easter or Passover, I hope you had a safe and happy time. We don't have many family traditions for Easter beyond eating a huge meal and enjoying each other's company, and that's just what we did yesterday. Growing up, I remember Sunday dinners with tons of pasta and meatballs and once in a while Mom would dilute some red wine for the older kids. I enjoyed these times best when we had more family joining us. In my grandmother's home in Fort Pierce, Florida, the dining room table must have been ten feet long. Dark green glasses for water, warm bread with butter, and laughter in thick Italian accents. It would make a great story one day.

I don't get a Spring Break, but little one does, so she will be spending quality time with the grandparents. I have carved out some free time as well for reading. Hopefully in the sun. I finished Redemption Bay by RaeAnne Thayne (AMZ / BN / KOBO) which I enjoyed. The more I read small-town contemporaries in the HQN style, I wonder why I don't write these. I believe this will be my real-name project. I plan to put Geek Meets Girl to print soon and write more romance in that name. Why not try a sub-genre I like?

I am almost finished with The Rancher's Dream by Kathleen O'Brien (AMZ / BN / KOBO). This may be the last of the Belle River Ranch series, I cannot say. As it's about characters not directly connected to the sisters, it's a fair guess. After this, I have several books on the need-to-read-now and must-finish-for-book-challenges lists. Always a challenge to pick just one.

I received my edits back for Styx and Stone, and edits are coming back for The Sweetest Dare. I will be happy to have them done and ready to format. I'm about 5K into my next MM story to be submitted, and then the follow up to that. I also have to decide on a story for the April Sexy To Go. I'm leaning close to another Sylvester Street story to follow "He's So Sly." I do appreciate everybody who's picked up the first Sexy To Go for 99 cents. It will be for sale all this month.

I don't know, what should I write next? What would you buy next?

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