Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Giving Post

I have a bit of extra money this month, and with this being the season of Lent, I wanted to do something to help along another creative person. Many view Lent as a season of sacrifice - giving up meat on Fridays, chocolate for whole 40 days, etc. For years I've vowed to do similar and for years I'm headfirst in the fridge after the first day. This year, I'd like to approach this season as one of spiritual preparation and giving.

Through Patreon, I'm sponsoring Melissa Hunter and her Adult Wednesday Addams minisodes on Youtube:

These are hilarious. I always thought an adult Wednesday spin-off should happen, and Melissa's getting it done. Definitely worthy of a network pickup.

I'm also sponsoring Nobilis Reed's erotica podcast. He's been recording podcasts for several years now, and he produced one of my Coming Together shorts a few years ago. With the sponsorship, he'll be able to pay contributors, and hopefully my story in Coming Together: Outside the Box will be featured in the future.

I have a bit more to spare for one more creative project. So far I have one video and one podcast. I'm thinking maybe a comic strip or graphic novel next?

I'm happy to take suggestions if you know of a good project to support. It doesn't have to be through Patreon. I've donated to Kickstarters and Kiva in the past as well.


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