Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Muddle: Here Comes the Cold

My third story in the Sexy to Go series, "He's So Sly," is turned in and awaiting publication. Truly, I'm having fun writing shorts for these collections. It's been a while since I enjoyed writing for the fun of writing - not worrying about sales or money or whatever. Last year had been rough emotionally with various things happening - some in public, others not - but it's my hope the Sexy to Go bundles will springboard me into longer works.

"He's So Sly" is part of an idea I've been brewing for a long time - a series of stories set in the LGBT district of a Mid-Atlantic beach town. With this first short done I can now devote time to longer works in the same setting. Once I'm finished with "Daring Destiny" I'm no longer held to deadlines, so I can write at my leisure.

Only problem is, "Daring Destiny" won't immediately end. I write and write and the story gets longer. This FF story for the bundle was supposed to be about 15k. I predict I'll get past 20k when I finally hit the end. Ah well, more for you to read. :)

I finished The Virgin's Daughter by Laura Andersen (pre-order: AMZ / BN / KOBO) last night and loved it. Andersen has restyled her books into The Tudor Legacy series, and if you like alternate histories this is great series. You should read her previous Boleyn books before this one, and I'll warn you now: there's another book to follow. I can't wait for it.

I am simultaneously working on A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley (ARe /AMZ / BN / KOBO) and Dorothy Parker Drank Here by Ellen Meister (ARe / AMZ / BN / Kobo), both of which I'd like to finish this week. Both are good so far; it's just a matter of finding the time to read. 

I have a stack of books to take with me on Spring Break. I'll be working through much of it, but hopefully from a warmer place than here. More on that reading list soon.

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