Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Muddle: Do Over

Ah, March. A new month, another opportunity to start over. Seriously. I'm writing off February altogether because 90 percent of it sucked. Kidlet missed half a month of school due to bad weather, I about froze my extremities off indoors, and I capped off the month with a notice that I ran a red light during our holiday weekend. Royalties come in, royalties pay fines. Bleh.

So I need to sell a few bazillion copies of Sexy To Go, Vol. 2 (AMZ / BN / KOBO) to make up for that money spent. I am a good driver, please be assured. This particular violation happened during a stressful time when my GPS decided to take me on a mystery tour of Delaware.

Okay, no more of reliving that unpleasantness. Some good news: I finished the first draft of The Sweetest Dare, which currently clocks in around 27K. It may go longer in the next round of writing, we'll see. Daring Destiny is close to 13K, and while the suggested maximum is 15K for this project it might go a bit longer. No word yet on when Coming Together: Outside the Box will be released, but I expect we'll know soon. Still waiting for word on a submission for a publisher call, but as the deadline was the 15th it's still to early to tell.

My next short for the Sexy To Go series will be another contemporary MM pairing, title TBA. It's about half finished now. While all this is going on I've put in reversion requests for a few stories. No worries with the publisher, but the stories have run their course as is, and I plan to revise and lengthen both for later enjoyment.


Reading? I've done a bit.

I picked up The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg (AMZ / BN / KOBO) as a means of reintroducing myself to George Sand. I've read one of her novels and watched Impromptu, which I didn't really enjoy, but I've longed to see another interpretation of Sand, one done well. Lover was okay, but I didn't go gaga for the book. It seemed like a chore to read at times, and when I get that feeling I'm tempted to DNF. I stuck this one out, though.

I also finished The Awakening by Kally Jo Surbeck (ARe / AMZ / BN), actually my second time around reading it. This had been part of a four-story anthology with each story centering on one of the Greek Fates. Kally Jo's story is touching with the right amount of spice and angst. I enjoy different interpretations of myths (it's why I tried that publisher call), and I'm glad to see this story back in circulation.

I have a few more books open and in progress, check back Friday to see what I've finished. Meanwhile I'll keep my eyes on the road.


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