Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Contract, A Pre-Order, An End

Some days feels like an empty desert. You look in any direction and see nothing for miles. Then one day you take a step and BOOM! There's a cactus.

Maybe that's a bad analogy, but over the last month I've been chipping away at different stories, and the other day things snowballed.

A Contract! Remember all those earlier posts about how I was waiting to hear on a submission? Well, I did and it's a done deal. I submitted an MM short, called "Styx and Stone" to Torquere Press's call for their Mythologically Torqued anthology and it's accepted. The story will release as a standalone and be included in the collection. If the word count is high enough, it goes to print. So now I am officially a Torquere Press author. :-)

A Pre-Order! The print version of Coming Together: Outside the Box will debut at Balticon, but you can pre-order the eBook at Amazon and Smashwords now. Proceeds from sales benefit The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. My story in this book is also MM, a short called "Lyon's Den" and it's set in a brothel. :o

An End! I've finished "He's So Sly", yet another MM short that will be included in Sexy to Go, Volume 3. This story will be part of a series I've been tinkering with, set high on the Eastern Shore. It won't be connected to my Bliss series, though. Like "Lyon's" this is contemporary, while "Styx and Stone" is fantasy/myth.

Next up: finish "Dare's Destiny" for the all FF romance box set I'm in this summer. "The Sweetest Dare" is sent to the editor for work, and now on to the next thing.

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