Friday, February 6, 2015

Share the Love Blog Hop

Welcome to my corner of the Share the Love Blog Hop! There's a giveaway below, and you're welcome to enter. Hope everybody has a good time.

Before I get on with the blog lovin', just want to announce that my story, "Skin" is part of Sexy To Go, Volume 1, now at Kindle! Every month, the Sexy to Go authors will deliver a new bundle of stories in a variety of genres and pairings. If you love reading anything and everything, it's a great set.

Okay, on to sharing the love. :) Definitely have to shout to the authors at Silken Sheets and Seduction. What a great group. Some of us got together to write a box set and I had so much fun with it. Ready for the next one. :)

Not a book/writing blog, but I love The Militant Baker. It's a fun blog, full of body positive inspiration and fashion interest. I'm not a fashionista, but I like reading this blog because one day I may need to wear a fancy dress, and then I'll know where to shop.

I'm a big Bob's Burgers fan, and because I can't eat much in the way of thick, juicy, meaty...ugh. I visit The Bob's Burger Experiment on occasion to drool at the burgers inspired by the show.

AReCafe is great place for authors and publishers to promo. I've guested there many times and hope to again. I've also guested at the Decadent Publishing 1Night Stand blog, which reminds me that I need to write my next one.

Where do you like to hang out online? You can comment if you like, and don't forget my giveaway!


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nrlymrtl said...

I really enjoy audiobooks, so I gravitate towards blogs that feature audiobook reviews and narrator interviews - like Eargasms book reviews.