Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Muddle: Uniformity

I'd like to thank everybody who commented during the Love Spanks event. The Love Spanks all FF anthology is now for pre-order at Amazon, and is already in the Top 100 of Lesbian eBooks, which is cool. The book should be out at other retailers after Valentine's Day. I'm sure Ana is planning the next spank fiction event now, and I'll be sure to pimp it.

This week I turn in the final of my MM contemporary story, An Arresting Development, to the Sexy to Go team for the second bundle. There is a Thunderclap campaign to help boost awareness of the series as a whole. If you are so inclined, you're welcome to help spread the word. I know there are two schools of thought on Thunderclaps (just as there are two schools of thought on everything), but the link's there to check out.

I recently signed a contract for my MM contemporary short Lyon's Den to an anthology. The announcement still hasn't been made, so I'll wait on further details until the lineup is settled. Still waiting to hear about my fantasy MM short for another anthology, and I'm 25k and 13k respectively into two FF novellas due for different projects. After that, Sexy to Go Volume 3, and I have a good head start on that story, too.

While all this is happening, I hope to save up some money to redo covers of available works. In particular, I'm looking at the M-Squared anthology (ARe / AMZ / BN / KOBO). It's one of my more interesting covers, a personal favorite, and perhaps a tad controversial. It shows nicely when I do booksignings, but people see the snake and freak out. Seriously. I did the Rainbow Book Fair in NYC once, and one man's eyes bugged out. I tried to tell him that there were no snakes in the book, but he wouldn't hear it. I understand people have snake phobias, and the snake doesn't really represent anything in the stories so it's one reason for the change. Plus it's been a few years, and I feel it's time to freshen up the catalog entirely.

Also, I'm planning another all MM anthology, revised editions of SFF and paranormal stories, and I'd like to have some uniformity in covers. In fact, I'd like that for all my self-pub covers so readers know they're mine. Branding. So enjoy this last look at the snake while I shop for cover art. :-)

As for reading, I'm still working on all the books from Friday. Nearing the end of a few, and will have my thoughts on them soon.

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