Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Muddle: Too Cold To Do Anything

I love to travel, but I dislike that period of adjustment when I return home. I struggle sometimes to get back into a familiar routine, especially if I have to work the next day. I spent the weekend in Brooklyn - some of it anyway. The trip consisted of eight hours driving up, train and subway time, a few hours of sleep, eight hours driving home. Brooklyn time amounted to about six hours. It's like that scene in Seinfeld where Jerry's explaining to Elaine how quickly a weekend at his parents' will fly. Between sleep and travel, it's only twenty minutes.

It feels like that now, but I've been cold way longer than twenty minutes. My friend snapped this pic of me on the train to Grand Central. Doctor Nesmith goes to the city. I had on two other layers underneath that jacket and it still wasn't enough.

Next time I go anywhere, it will be A) summer, or B) sooner where it's warm.

I didn't get any reading or writing done over the weekend. I do understand, though, that there are at least eight stories total in the upcoming Sexy To Go, Vol. 2. Not sure how many are MM like mine. In the meantime, I'm cover stock shopping and doing other things. You can pick up M-Squared at ARe for 30% off this week, and hopefully I'll have news on other writing to come.

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