Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Muddle: Stupid Groundhog

Six more weeks of winter. Terrific. I should be happy it wasn't as bad as last year, but I've had enough of cold weather and freezing in my home. I'm tired of thick socks that bulge in my shoes and wearing a hoodie and a robe so I can work. Come on, spring!

Well, I did begin the week with some good news. I received an acceptance for an anthology submission. I'll reveal where when it's official, but the story is called "Lyon's Den" and it's contemporary MM erotica. It's kind of a departure from my other MM stories as there's less of a focus on romance and more on sex...actually, maybe it's not so different. I enjoyed writing the story, and I find the shorts appeal to me lately. I have another one out for review but it could be a while before I hear on that one.

My contribution for Sexy To Go, Volume 2 needs a hard edit, and a title. It is also MM contemporary erotic, but there's something missing in it and I need to make the fixes before deadline. The cover for the next installment isn't ready yet, but the one for Love Spanks 2015 is. My story for that is called "Spanking Sidney" and, in going with the theme, it's FF.

Speaking of, here's my recipe for morning butter tea at Ana's blog, as part of the Love Spanks promotion.

While I have that going on, there's talk of another box set in the planning stages, so I need to decide what to do for it. It won't be holiday-themed, which I like. I enjoyed working on Hot Holiday Treats, but a Christmas story has only so long a shelf life for marketing. When it's taken down, I'm not sure when I'll release Holiday Bliss on its own. I may wait until the fall for that.

1099s are coming in, too, so I have to figure out my taxes. Ugh! I am not looking forward to sorting out my 2014 shoebox. I'd rather read. In fact, I have.

I don't have many series instabuys lately, but one caused a vinyl needle scratch in my reading this weekend. I picked up the latest Garden of Allah novel, Searchlights and Shadows by Martin Turnbull (AMZ / BN / KOBO) and polished it off this weekend. The Garden of Allah novels are set in Old Hollywood, from about the late 20s-early 30s and have gone through the end of WWII. There are four books so far, I heard there would be six total but we'll see. I've loved each one so far, and they're quick to read and like crack to me.

The story follows three friends - screenwriter Marcus, gossip columnist Kathryn, and aspiring actress turned seamstress Gwen - during their residence at the famed Garden of Allah hotel in Hollywood. Famous faces weave in and out of their lives, and they're always in the middle of something wonderful and scandalous. Past books focused on the filming of Gone With the Wind and Citizen Kane, while this latest one tackled the war and Hollywood Canteen, and introduced the coming Communist witch hunt. It's interesting to get this far in time as I'm reading James Ellroy's new series, also set in LA in the 40s. His books are way grittier, though. These are just plain fun, and I read they've been optioned for film/TV. I always thought the Allah books would make a great series, maybe for A&E or History Channel.

Here's to another cold and dreary week. I'll be at the keyboard, writing something to cheer us all.

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