Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Muddle: Who Do We Appreciate?

For the fourth consecutive year, I have contributed a piece to KT Grant's Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event. For 2015, I talk about some of the books I consider my personal gateways into works on the pairing. Not all are romance or erotica, but some present a romantic sensuality that I recall even after twenty years. You might have a guess as to which books I picked, but some titles might surprise you. See for yourself in a week or so.

Speaking of F/F, I've received three calls for shorts that I intend to fulfill in the next few months. Right now, I'm about to send in an extended version of my story, "Skin" to a new anthology tentatively called Sexy To Go, Vol. 1. This is an M/F futuristic with BDSM elements. After that, I have two more stories in the works for future volumes if I'm asked back. One is a first person POV. I've written first person for a few mysteries under my other name, and I'm thinking I might do more with it. Some people like it, some don't, but I find I'm comfortable with it if it suits the story.

All the while I'm still waiting to hear about another submission. Been waiting for a number of things lately, and it's been quiet. I am thinking I may experiment with new writing space next week by logging an hour a day at a nearby library. They have a quiet room which is really nice, and the jet noise isn't as prominent as it is in my home.


I started Unfaded Glory (ARe / AMZ / BN / KOBO) last night and am already a third of the way through. I am enjoying it so far, though I'll say the story isn't quite what I expected having read book one. The cover implies a small-town contemporary romance, and it gets there, but the first third of the book is more action/adventure and romantic suspense. I put the book down for bed right when the story changed gears, so we'll see how the rest of the story play out. I had enjoy the first story, Return to Glory, and that book is quite different. For one, Return is set almost entirely in Glory, Kansas, but I see a recurring theme in Unfaded (i.e. damaged military hero).

I also started one by Sherryl Woods, Dogwood Hill (ARe / AMZ / BN / KOBO), which is the twelfth Chesapeake Shores novel. I hadn't realized the series went that long - this is actually my first Woods read. I picked it up mainly because of the setting. I've toyed with the idea of writing a Chesapeake Bay set story because I live in the area, and from what I've read so far this town has the feel of a place I'd visit on the Eastern Shore. Bit early to tell for me how I'll like this book, but it's reading quickly.

After this, I have a few reading challenge books I want to finish, perhaps a sci-fi.

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