Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Muddle: Sexy To Go

First up, my post at the Lesbian Appreciation Event 2015 at Katiebabs's blog is now live.

Starting in February, you can get some Sexy To Go - hot, erotic reads for your on the go lifestyle. Volume One is coming soon to Kindle, NOOK, All Romance, and everywhere Excessica Publishing titles are sold. Here's the first lickable cover:

My contribution to the first box set is an extension of a short written for last year's Sci Spanks event. Skin is a futuristic romp with spanking elements, MF pairing and happy for now. No cliffhanger, though the ending might seem left open for future romps. To be honest I won't rule it out. I had written Skin specifically for the Sci Spanks thing and never intended to revisit it, but when Eva Lefoy offered to bring authors together for regular releases of these collections I revisited the story and realized one could have more fun with it. I have ideas set for future Sexy To Go volumes, and I wouldn't mind another trip with Andromeda and her DILF of a Captain.

As I understand it, the Sexy To Go series will feature any number of authors. Some may appear in every set, some may take a month off to regroup and write more. Luckily I do have some content to go for a while and I am chiseling away at other projects. I like the idea of a regular series like Sexy To Go because it puts focus on a deadline to meet, a challenge to conquer. A few months I was a bit down, but when I work I don't have time to let the blue drag me.

For Volume Two I am thinking of a follow-up to ...And Lily Makes Three, which appeared in Coming Together: Through the Storm. That is also MF, but the following story would go in a very different direction, so while I ponder that I'm well into a submission WIP for an anthology call. Also, I've received an invitation to write a novella for a LGBT imprint coming this summer. More on that when it's official.

Turns out I'm busier than planned this winter. Back to chiseling.

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