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Expanding a Story: How Long is Long?

Recently I took part in a spanking anthology. Here are the buy links:

ARe ~ Kindle ~ Kobo ~ Smashwords

I enjoyed being a part of it, more so when I got word it became an ARe bestseller. Not a category one, either, but for the whole site. I really don't think that's happened to me before - I have a number of books with silver stars there, but never got the mail that I have a store bestseller. It's a real boost to the ego, and if you know I like good news. I thank all the readers who helped make it real.

So my story in Sci Spanks is about 2300 words. I had fun with it, though I don't write much BDSM. I was asked if I intend to lengthen the story, and I am considering it. In fact, I have a few shorts on the back burner.

A while back I got the rights to Jack of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, and The Healing reverted. I'd planned to just retouch them and release as another M/M anthology, but then I held back. I like to be careful about re-releases, because I want to make original stories priority. I'm still waiting to hear on a few submissions as I write this, and I do want to complete a novel length work again. I wrote the two Jack stories as "heat sheets" for specific calls of a certain length, and looking back at them I know they can be expanded into a better story. I'd combine them for one, and remove a few elements and add more important ones. The stories represent my beginnings in eBook publishing, and I like to think I've grown as a writer since then. :-)

The Healing is a bit longer, but I had planned a prequel that fell to the wayside. Although the story was shortlisted at the Gaylactic Spectrum awards, I feel it could do with some retooling. Question is, where's the time? If I want it badly enough, I'll make it.

So this is where my mind is at present. Waiting for results of the new, pondering the old to renew. It will be an interesting Fall.

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Guest Author Kathy Kulig - New Release + Giveaway

Fellow Ellora's Cave author Kathy Kulig has a new release! Read all about it and enter the giveaway below.

Title: Nightlord Lover
Author: Kathy Kulig
Series: Vampires of New Hope series
Genre: Erotic Vampire romance/ménage
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Release Date: July 23rd 2014
Blurb: Warrior vampire Garrick Labar guards the secrets of the Guild. His comrade--vampire and sorcerer Ramon Travere--enforces the uneasy alliance between mortals and immortals. When Larissa Devine moves into town, both Garrick and Ramon are mesmerized and enraptured by her. They crave to claim her as their crimson swan and lover. But a new arrival is fair game and if they don’t claim her first, a band of renegades will.
Larissa finds a blistering-hot ménage with her protectors too intoxicating to resist. The immortals can’t deny their sexual attraction for her and sense her blood pulsing hot and furious when they’re close. Erotic desires thrust her into a world of danger and seduction. When the renegade vampires attempt to destroy a hundred years of peace, Larissa is caught in the crossfire. Eternal love and carnal nights can be her future if she survives.


“Anything missing?” Garrick asked.
Larissa shook her head then charged back downstairs. “Why would they just mess up the place without stealing anything?” Her throat tightened. “It’ll take me hours to straighten this up in time for opening tomorrow.” Tears filled her eyes.
“Kids,” he said. “The door probably wasn’t closed tightly and the wind blew it open. I’ll have Ramon take a look at it.”
“I should still call the police. The store was vandalized.”
“Don’t. I know the police chief. I’ll mention it to him tomorrow. If you call, you’ll only have a bunch of cars out here and the gossip will spread all through town. You don’t need that kind of publicity.” He started calling on his cell phone.
“Who are you calling?” she asked.
“Ramon and Jordan. I’m telling them to come over now to help straighten up. Between the four of us, we’ll get your place in order.”
“But it’s so late.” Her words cracked.
“They won’t mind.” He hugged her. “You’ll see. We all work together here.”
His embrace felt heavenly warm and safe, made her feel protected and a little turned on. Heat rushed to her face, embarrassed by her physical response to his touch. What was wrong with her? He was showing her kindness and she was getting horny? She pulled away, avoiding his gaze. “Thank you, Garrick. I’ll get started on the front display.”
Twenty minutes later Ramon and Jordan entered the store. “Ramon Travere,” he said by introduction, taking her hand and locking his gaze with hers with an obvious flirtatious up-and-down once-over. Ramon was striking and hot. A few years younger than she with long blond hair that fell past his shoulders. He wore leather pants and boots and a black T-shirt with a bright-yellow smiley face with the addition of devil’s horns and tail attached. Have a nice eternity was inscribed below.
If Garrick was the mysterious and muscular predator, Ramon was the sleek and wild rock star.
“Wow, you weren’t kidding, Garrick,” Jordan exclaimed. “What a mess. Any idea who did it?”
Garrick shot Jordan a glance and her eyes widened. “Doesn’t matter. We’ll get everything ready for you, Larissa. Thank you for hiring me. Garrick said you needed the help.”
Garrick’s expression revealed no clue as to who really arranged the employment. For a college student, Larissa expected Jordan to be younger but she had to be in her late twenties. Her blonde hair was fashioned in a perfect French braid. Her clothes were casual but obviously pricy designer wear and usually far out of a college student’s budget. There was no rich-girl-entitlement attitude, Larissa knew plenty of them in her college. Jordan appeared to be a pleasant, smart and polite young woman. “You’re welcome. I’m happy to have the help. I’ll start you with a few hours and when business picks up, we can add more. How does that sound?”
“Works for me,” Jordan said. “Tell me where you want me to start.”
While Larissa, Jordan and Garrick put the merchandise back in order, refolded and reorganized the displays, Ramon fixed the lock on the front door. The shock and fear of having her new store vandalized eased with the presence of the two men and even Jordan cast an aura of positive energy. Everything would work out well for her first day. The business would thrive.
“Finished,” Ramon announced. “You have a new Schlage deadbolt lock. If anyone tries getting in now, they’ll have to take down the door and frame with it. Want me to add strobe lights and security cameras, Larissa? I can rig some kind of metallic net to drop down and zap them.”
Larissa laughed. “No, the new locks are fine. Thanks. Send me the bill.”
He shook his head. “Garrick will take care of that.”
“That’s not necessary.”

Ramon walked up to her, took her hand in both of his and locked his gaze with hers. “I left my card on your cash register. If you ever need anything, just call.” His searing blue eyes had a mischievous glint and his lips twitched ever so slightly. Larissa felt her stomach tingle as if she were going down the big dip of a rollercoaster with her eyes closed and didn’t know if there was a bottom. Great, now she had the hots for two men? That had never happened to her before.
She tried counting back to when she last had a date. After four months she stopped counting. It was too depressing. No wonder she was responding to all the hot guys in New Hope. Maybe she should consider dating after her business got off the ground. After the holidays.
“Thank you, Ramon.” Her words came out in a breathy whisper. His name rolled off her tongue. He continued to hold her hand and a wave of dizziness passed through her. Closing her eyes, she hoped the sensation would pass. But then a flash of detailed images drifted through her mind.
She was in a large living room, a place she’d never seen before. Ramon stood naked before her in front of a blazing fireplace, the flickering light dancing over his body, reflecting over every cut and angle of his muscles. He was gorgeous and aroused, his cock hard and thick. His eyes glowed with an otherworldly blue glow. Holding out his hand to her, she stepped forward and noticed that she too was naked. The heat of the fireplace warmed her skin. She didn’t know why she wasn’t questioning the situation. She only knew it seemed right and couldn’t resist.
Lie with me. Ramon’s words entered her head but she didn’t see his mouth move.
Yes, she answered with her own thoughts as she took his hand. Gently, he lifted her in his arms and laid her on a thick fur on the floor. His body eased on top of her. Yes, this is so good.
Larissa. Garrick’s voice called her from a distance. The light from the fireplace highlighted his face. He was smiling despite the darkness in his eyes.
She held out a hand to him, asking him to join them. He nodded and the next moment he was naked and lying beside her too. Two men, amazing. “Garrick,” she whispered as his mouth came down on hers at the same time Ramon plunged his cock into her.
“Larissa!” Garrick shouted. She blinked and saw him standing beside the door to the storeroom.
Images of the old house, the fireplace and Ramon and Garrick making love to her vanished, yet her heart still raced. Her vagina continued to contract on empty space and her nipples bore stiff points through her sweater. She glanced at Ramon. Smiling mischievously, he stared at her through half-lidded eyes. “Are you okay, Larissa? You look dazed.” His mouth twitched in a wicked and mischievous grin.
“Yes,” she breathed. “I’m fine.”
“Everything looks in order in here,” Garrick said. “Please check on her tomorrow. Make sure nothing is missing. You can go, Ramon.”
Ramon straightened and nodded.
“Thanks for your help,” Larissa said. Her heart continued to pound and her body was still heated and aroused.
“My pleasure.” He turned to Garrick. “Night, Garrick.”

“I’ll be in touch,” he said. The moment they were alone, Garrick’s gaze swept over her in a spine-melting look that made her nervous and horny. “You still seem shaken. Don’t worry about the break-in.”
NightLord Lover by Kathy Kulig Giveaway


Kathy Kulig is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of erotic romance whose works include paranormal, contemporary, BDSM, and suspense. She has published (or has contracted to publish) nearly 20 novels, novellas and short stories with various publishers and via self-publishing. Besides her career in writing, she has worked as a cytotechnologist, research scientist, medical technologist, dive master and stringer for a newspaper. In her spare time, she can be found mountain biking, traveling, lounging on the beach with a good book or having dinner out with her husband. Kathy resides in eastern Pennsylvania.

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Cover Reveal: All's Fair by Brenna Lyons

Coming in August from Phaze Books, All's Fair by Brenna Lyons!

Five millennia ago, Davon -- Horseman of War, son of Ares -- insulted Eros, God of Love and Lust. Young and headstrong, Eros decided to teach Davon a lesson about his own nature. Until the young horseman can embrace the god of love with affection, he will be impotent. Such a loss for his lovers.

While Davon cannot stomach the idea of embracing Eros with anything but his hands around the other man’s scrawny throat, Love will eventually find a mate and produce heirs that Davon might have a chance of liking, despite their parentage. After all, it is Love's nature to do so.

When two strange men who don't show up on film save Khrystal from a mugger, her life takes a turn toward the strange. Considering the fact that her mother is a psychic who is completely besotted with her husband, a man that left them two decades earlier, saying Khrystal's life has become weirder is saying a lot.


Brenna Lyons wears many hats, sometimes all on the same day: former president of EPIC, author of more than 85 published works, columnist, special needs teacher, wife, mother...and member in good standing of more than 60 writing advocacy groups.

In her first seven years published in novel-length, she's won 2 EPIC e-Book Awards (out of 11 finalists) and finaled for 3 PEARLS (including one Honorable Mention, second to NY Times Bestseller Angela Knight), 2 CAPAS, and a Dream Realm Award. She's also taken Spinetingler's Book of the Year for 2007.

Brenna writes milieu-heavy dark fiction, mainly science fiction, fantasy and horror, straight genre, romance and erotic crosses, poetry, articles and essays. She teaches everything from marketing to choosing an indie publisher, and she's been called "one of the most deviant erotic minds in publishing today" by Fallen Angels.

Find out more about Brenna at Youtube []!




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Guest Author Kate Hill: What Makes Him Sexy?

Please welcome Kate Hill!

Romance novels are all about fantasy, but mixed in somewhere is a bit of reality. While often in novels characters and situations are exciting, they're not necessarily what we'd want in real life. Still there are some basic characteristics that make a man not just appealing, but the kind of guy you'd want to share your happily ever after.

These are the top three qualities that I find sexy, in books and in real life.

1) A sense of humor. He doesn't have to joke constantly or always be funny and witty, but he can't take himself seriously all the time either. Being able to laugh at himself once in while is hugely appealing.

2) Being responsible. I love a guy with a wild side, but that doesn't mean using people, especially the ones he's supposed to care about. When he finds a forever partner, he should be willing to share the responsibilities that make a relationship work. Taking care of his loved ones, especially his partner and kids, makes a hero in real life and in books.

3) Showing respect. He needs to genuinely care about what his partner feels. If a decision comes up that affects their relationship, he needs to be honest about it and include his partner. It's easy to take someone for granted, but there's nothing sexier than a man who recognizes what his partner does for him and lets her know from the heart that he appreciates her.

What qualities are on your list?

Storm Stallion
by Kate Hill
Book 8 in the Horsemen Series


From the moment Ivan rescued Bala from the inferno that wiped out her village, he has been in love with her. Knowing the young widow's heart belongs to her husband who died from the Horseman Plague, he struggles to keep his passion for her a secret.

Bala is burdened by guilt over the lustful fantasies she's been having about the handsome Fighting Carrier. When he surprises them both by asking her to marry him, she accepts. With Ivan she enjoys a sexual freedom she has never experienced before. Despite their love for each other, their marriage is threatened by the shadow of her first husband.

Ivan and Bala realize they're meant to be together, but first they have to find their way back to each other.

Purchase Link:

The following excerpt from Storm Stallion is for readers 18 and over.

Closing her eyes, Bala surrendered to him completely. Soon the rhythm of his galloping legs and pounding wings seemed to lock onto her clit and pussy. Her heartbeat quickened and she throbbed with lust. She rocked on top of him, trying to keep time with him. Her sensitive flesh rubbed against him and she gripped him tightly with her knees, rising a bit higher on his back.

Ivan groaned when her pelvis thrust against his Turning Point, that extra-sensitive area on a Horseman's lower back where shape changing originated. Having it stroked was as arousing as having his cock stroked.

"Keep that up and we might crash," he panted.

"I'm sorry," she breathed. "It's just so hard to... I'm so aroused, Ivan."

"Perhaps we should take this to the ground?"

"Yes. Good idea." Her heart pounded and her loincloth, damp with her juices, rubbed against her aching clit.

Ivan landed in a secluded field a short distance from the lake. He walked toward a weeping willow tree.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Bala hugged his man-torso tighter. Her cheek rested against his shoulder. His warmth felt so good against her and with every breath she inhaled his arousing scent.

Pausing near the tree, he waited for her to dismount. Bala slowly slid off his back. She led the way under the tree and spread out the blanket. The bowed, leafy branches created a natural curtain and the grass a soft cushion. It was a more beautiful wedding night bed than any richly furnished palace could offer.

The ground trembled as Ivan shifted shape. He stood for a few seconds, allowing the brief weakness that followed shapeshifting to pass then he stepped beneath the branches and smiled at her.

By the gods, he was such a handsome Horseman. His compact body was perfectly proportioned, from his broad shoulders to his powerfully muscled legs. His thick cock rose from its nest of dark, wiry hair. It was already hard, but it hadn't yet reached its full potential.

From where she knelt on the blanket, she beckoned him with a finger.

A faint smile on his lips, he stepped toward her, his heavy balls swinging slightly with every step. When he stood in front of her, she rose higher on her knees to cup his bottom and kiss his chiseled belly. The muscles clenched and released as she continued kissing and licking his stomach.

Ivan unbound her hair. His fingers gently combed through it and massaged her scalp. His buttocks tightened in her grip. She sat back on her heels and clasped his cock in both hands. She stroked it, loving how the foreskin moved, an added caress that by the look on his face, he enjoyed greatly.

About Kate Hill

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate Hill started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.

When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family and pets.

Kate also writes under the pen name Saloni Quinby. She enjoys hearing from readers and she can be contacted at You can find Kate online at, and

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Leigh's #SummerReadsHop - Blog + Giveaway

TWO Prize Widgets to enter below!

Right now I have Olaf the Snowman in my head shouting, "Let's bring back SUMMMER!!!!!" I would be more enthused if it weren't six thousand degrees outside, and the patio furniture looks as if Salvador Dali designed it. The good thing is, I can stay indoors and read, which is about all I have the energy for these days. That's why I'm doing the Summer Reads Hop so I can share my summer list and recommend some books - one of two of my own.

First off, I have a few recent releases to pimp:
All make for great summer reads. As for what I'm reading, I love historical fiction and family sagas. If you read the blog, you know I'm trying to plow through a few reading list. Here's what I'm enjoying so far this summer:
  • Cubed by Brenna Lyons - sexy SFF romance with excellent worldbuilding
  • Fall to Pieces by Paisley Smith - very hot lesbian romance with BDSM and rockabilly chicks
  • The Gate by KT Grant - BDSM with a BBW heroine. That's a lot of letters!
  • Tropical Paradise by Evelise Archer - a sweet and sexy M/M 1Night Stand story
So there's something for everybody here. Whatever you read, I hope you enjoy it. If you leave a comment on the blog in addition to entering, let me know what you're reading. I love Tudor-era fiction, early 20th century, and romantic thrillers.



Enter below to win. Open to US/International readers. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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Summer of Love: Rollin'

See: The Original List.
The first progress report.
The second progress report.

I'm seeing more red than white on my bucket list, but I still have a ways to go to get everything done. Two of the last four items will require some travel, and I have a feeling both will wait until early September before the official First Day of Autumn. Camping I could do locally, either at the KOA or my backyard, but more than likely we'll head up north before school starts. The crochet I plan on starting once I've finished looming all the coffee cozies I'm making for Authors After Dark. I have about 45 left to go for my promo packs. Next time I agree to a big sponsorship I'll take care of the knitting well in advance. Ouch!

Anyway, I have this pair of roller skates that I got a few years ago for my birthday. I was inspired to take up skating after many years, and a friend gave me these derby skates. Well, they went under the bed and didn't come out until this weekend. I figured I'd slip them on and go rolling down the boardwalk like Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu. Didn't quite work out that way. For one, I had to choose the hottest damn day of the week - 94 degrees in the shade and sweat down my crack. Also, derby skates aren't like the kind you rent at the rink. These are heavy and the wheels are thick. And my feet hurt with them on.

It's not because they're too tight. I guess it's because I'm not a teenager anymore and therefore bring more weight down on my feet, which are trying to balance atop the wheels. I pushed forward and my feet are bracing so I don't fall on my ass or skin my knees. Nonetheless, I was determined to get some skating done.

On the boardwalk, I got about three blocks in, mostly wobbling from seat bench to light pole to seat bench, before I finally gave in and put my sandals back on. Had to walk all the way home toting the skates, but three blocks is better than doing nothing, so to me it counts. I bought a Groupon for a skating session at a regular rink, so I think I'll use their skates to get back into the groove before trying these on again.

This Sunday I took my trip to the Eastern Shore. As I mentioned in my first post, the Eastern Shore is basically the route I take to get somewhere else. I never stop when I have a trip to Philly or NYC planned, because I just want to get the 6-8 hour drive done. Well, having the day to myself I drove up to Cape Charles and Eastville to have a look around. If you don't kayak, sail, or enjoy sitting on a beach for hours on end, you can see both pretty much in about an hour combined. I liked Cape Charles, though. There are some nice looking shops and restaurants and a great view of the Bay.

While I was in Cape Charles I found a letterbox near the beach to add to my growing collection. I don't plan to hunt without the little on in tow, but as I don't know when I'm heading back I figure might as well get the stamp. It's a $20 round-trip toll to the Eastern Shore, so that was my biggest expense. There are many beautiful homes for sale in the area - big porches and windows facing the sea.

Before heading back I looked up a nature trail near the coast and took a quick hike. I found some wild blackberry bushes along the way. Of course the best ones were too far to reach, unless I wanted to come out spotted with thorn marks. Still, it was a nice diversion and I got to mark off one more item on the to do list.

Now, too, is a good time to call the Doctor Who Binge. There's no way I'll get to see every episode this summer, but I'm about fifty half-hour shows in so far, and that's a good enough number for a binge. I'm still on the First Doctor eps, and truthfully I'll miss this crew when they're gone. The props and production values seem primitive compared to recent shows, but the stories are solid.

Next up: Need to find a campground, either near the horses or an AT trail.

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Tara Quan’s Operation Owl Tour of the Capital – Dinner in the District

I owe Leigh a huge thank you for hosting me today. I’m trying something new, which is to chat up my book prior to getting a firm release date. Because of my impending move to Rome, I may soon experience a prolonged Internet blackout and have prescheduled my stops. To the best of my knowledge, my latest multicultural romance from Decadent Publishing comes out some time in July 2014 (so, depending on when you stumble upon this blog, it might be available now).
For updates as well as a chance to win a $25 gift card, drop by my website:
In honor of the place I consider home (what the government terms the National Capital Area), I’m dedicating the posts on this tour to Washington, D.C. and its surrounding suburbs. The romantic comedy I’m very blatantly promoting is set entirely in the US capital. A Beyond Fairytales adaptation of The Owl by Brothers Grimm, Operation Owl features a geeky hacker hero and his bookish best friend. They team up to expose a cyber conspiracy at the heart of the US government and end up indulging in some other equally exciting activities.
Waypoint: Dinner in the District
Since Leigh makes it clear up top that she “wants food and wine,” I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about dinner in the district (she’ll have to fend for herself when it comes to sex and Rush tickets). One thing I discovered when I first moved to Arlington was that the restaurant to people ratio in the capital area is a tad lopsided (and it’s gotten worse over the years). I’ve experienced 2-hour wait times at Cheesecake Factory, called up Le Diplomate only to be offered a table at 9PM three days hence, and watched insanely long lines form on weekday evenings in front of mediocre sports bars.
Being both procrastinators and cheapskates, my husband and I have long since embraced home-cooked meals. Luckily, some of our friends are foodies, and they’ve managed to lure us into the culinary wilds of the D.C.-area upon occasion. If you’re looking for a nice place to do dinner, here’s my advice:
1. Happy Hour is a big deal here. Be prepared for crowds between 5:30-7:30 on weekdays wherever beer is served. Join the fun, or avoid this window—it’s up to you.
2. Consider getting a reservation for fancier places. Because there aren’t a huge number of them, decent restaurants in D.C. fill up quick. Which brings me to…
3. can simplify your dining-out experience. It allows you to search for restaurants by area, look up their availability (or lack of availability, as the case may be), check their hours, peruse their menu, and get an estimated per-head price. For higher-end places, I’ve found the reviews to be more representative than Yelp. More importantly, this nifty website lets you put in your reservation with a few clicks in lieu of placing a phone call. There’s also a handy dandy app for your smartphone.
And thus concludes my Capital Area tip for the day. Follow along at as I continue my tour at the blogs of some awesome romance authors.

Operation Owl

Five years ago, Maya Jain kissed her best friend only to have him run out of her dorm room and leave the state. When he shows up in Washington, D.C., a wanted fugitive sought after by every branch of the US government, she can’t bring herself to ignore his plight. As their physical relationship picks up where it left off, she decides it’s time to make him see her as more than the bespectacled, bookish girl he once called “Owl.”
After being accused of espionage and treason, Zack Strong needs a forensic accountant to help clear his name. Not knowing who he can trust, this white-hat hacker has no choice but to ask his former best friend and math tutor for help. Together they unravel a cyber conspiracy at the Barn, an NSA facility tasked to intercept electronic communications. But as they traverse the nation’s capital to avoid capture, Maya insists on letting their simmering sexual tension take its natural course. Even though he’s never been able to shake the memory of their one kiss, he refuses to let her give up her life for a man with no future.
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy, Multicultural

Buy Links: Amazon | B&N | AllRomance | Decadent | GoodReads

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About Tara Quan
Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, fantasy worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, her characters are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after. Learn more at


Hesitating at the threshold of stalker-like activity, the logical part of his brain made one last-ditch attempt to stall his fingers. This wasn’t acceptable behavior, not by any stretch of the imagination. He should wait and see what happened. If push came to shove, he could always abandon his post and knock on her door.
But he’d been sitting there for ages, an abnormal amount of time for anyone to spend in the bathroom. She could have passed out in there, and then where would they be? His brain’s paranoid frontal lobe ended up winning the battle. He needed a quick peek, a brief glance to confirm her location. If the trick gave him a glimpse of her in the shower, the curtain would obscure his view. If he saw even a hint of skin, he’d shut the damn feed off. No harm could come of this.
He accessed her webcam and turned it on. As luck would have it, the computer was angled at the open bathroom door, the only part of her apartment he couldn’t see into from the street. With the wall-to-wall mirror completely visible on screen, it wouldn’t be hard to ascertain her presence. A few keystrokes allowed him to enhance the high definition feed and zoom in. A light coating of condensation blurred the reflection by a fraction, but the open doors allowed most of it to dissipate. The reflected image was clear enough to make out shapes and colors.
The footage presented a profile view of Maya lying in a bathtub. Since he could only make out her face, neck, and left arm, he didn’t see an immediate need to cease and desist. Her head rested against the tub’s lip, cushioned by her long, dark hair. With her eyes closed and lips parted, he couldn’t tell if she was conscious. What if she had slipped in the shower and hit her head?
He cranked up the microphone’s sensitivity. The great thing about modern-day computers was their much-improved capability to process audio and video. As soon as she made a sound or moved, he’d stop watching.
A soft, throaty moan crackled over the speakers. Her left hand lifted in the air before clenching over the side of the tub. Her back and neck arched.
Slapping down his laptop screen, Zack leaned back against the leather headrest and massaged his temples. Struggling not to draw any conclusions, he muttered, “Don’t go there, man. Just don’t go there.”

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cover Reveal: #SciSpanks Anthology

I am thrilled to show off the cover for the upcoming SciSpanks anthology! I am one of many authors contributing to this work, which will be available next week at all the usual retail channels for a great price. If you enjoy a bit of kink, hope you'll pick it up.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer of Love 2014: Progress II

Slowly but surely, I'm getting the list done. You can read the first installment of progress (I may have to add blueberry picking to the list; the season is here) while I ponder how to get the rest of the bucket items done. The traveling is the challenge, mainly because I have a reunion coming up that requires a long-ass drive down the coast, unfortunately not in the direction that would get me to horses or up 13 North.

 As for camping, it's been so damn hot I don't want to think about lying in a tent with no breeze. I may have to plan a third trip up north to satisfy that - I have a few places in mind. Appalachian Trail hiking is specific, you hike where the trail is. My challenge: the trail isn't at my backdoor. More than likely I'll combine the hiking and the camping, it only makes sense. Then again, I can camp in Currituck and the Eastern Shore. We'll see how the weather holds up in the next month, because these are looking like August activities.

The Doctor Who binge is still in progress. I am now up to the second season of First Doctor episodes. I'm eager to get that moving, but with holiday travel, people at home, and work I struggle to find thirty minutes a day where I'm not about to drop from exhaustion. At this writing, "Lands of the Giants" is on deck. Here's what I did get done, though:

Make Sangria: Search sangria recipes and you'll find a thousand, none of which are the same. We have gallons of wine we may never drink, and one night we a took a bottle of table white, mixed in a cup of super sweet peach wine, stirred in a peach and assorted berries, and came up with this:


It was cold, tasted good, and did the trick. Don't ask how I made it - just mix a bunch of wine and fruit.

Bird Watching: That's easy to do at the in-laws', where we spend summer holidays. Their backyard is Bird Paradise, with the seed socks and nectar and birdie hotels. This past week I've seen cardinals, blue jays, humming birds, tiny brown birds, and these cute little buggers:

Wild turkeys! Over spring break there were about seven females between a few toms. Now there are nineteen little ones that toddle up to the yard for feed, and no tom in sight. Already we're seeing one of the juniors puff up like an alpha in training.

Letterboxing: Letterboxing is like geocaching. You follow clues to find a packet that contains a rubber stamp and sometimes a small guestbook. You sign and stamp the book, then put the found stamp in your journal. See for how it's done. I dabbled a bit in letterboxing when the girl was younger, but we fell out of it. It's something I enjoyed doing, though, and she was eager to try again. Over the last week we made three attempts to find stamps in Virginia Beach but came up empty. It happens - sometimes boxes go missing due to weather or theft or neglect. So in WV I researched recent boxes hoping we'd have better luck, and we did.

We found the first one near the State Capitol building, the second at a travel plaza. I'm researching boxes near home and elsewhere.

Next up, I need to strap on those skates.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cover Reveal: Barbara Donlon Bradley's Stolen Desire

Coming late July to Phaze Books, Stolen Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley! Stolen Desire is Book 7 of Bradley's Vespian Way series.

When Heather is confronted with her time traveling self, she fears the worst. The woman came to warn them of a terrible accident, but something isn’t right. The visitors her future self says are there to help only want to kidnap her and kill her mate. Using her mind, she tries to protect her friends and family. Yet she wakes up as a prisoner after seeing the ship Storm is in blow up. She is now alone, and trapped. Somehow she has to figure out a way home and hopefully reverse all the horrible things that have taken her family from her.

Writing for Barbara Donlon Bradley started innocently enough. Like most she kept diaries, journals, and wrote an occasional letter, but she also had a vivid imagination and wrote scenes and short stories, adding characters to her favorite shows and comic books. As time went on she found the passion for writing to be a strong drive for her. Humor is also very strong in her life. No matter how hard she tries to write something deep and dark, it will never happen. That humor bleeds into her writing. Since she can’t beat it, she has learned to use it to her advantage. Now she lives in Tidewater Virginia with two cats, one mother in law – she’s 86 now - her husband and teenage son.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My #AAD2014 Stuff

I am currently in chicken-head-cut-off phase getting ready for Authors After Dark. I am a Featured Author this year and co-sponsoring a lunch. So this means I put in some extra work to make sure there's enough to go around for attendees. I thought you might like to see the prizes I'm offering this year. I'll have on an AAD Author t-shirt so feel free to poke me while you're there. I'm thinking, too, I might just give it all away rather than sell books at the signing, because generosity and drinking. We'll see.

Welcome Basket - I have a bag of print ARCs as received by my reviewer self and a bottle of wine. Should make somebody happy. I never know what to do with ARCs after I get them, besides read. I don't like donating them to charity, b/c they end up on sale, and my local friends don't read the genres available. AAD looks like the perfect place for a giveaway.

Raffle Basket - To celebrate my alter ego's upcoming book with Ellora's Cave, the geek hero novella Busted!, I'm doing a Doctor Who basket. This one is special because the Tom Baker scarf was knitted by yours truly:

It is long. It will cover David Tennant and part of Matt Smith. I also have a pack of Jelly Babies, a mystery Doctor Who shirt I bought from a TeeFury sale sized XL (I haven't opened the package, so if you win let me know what it is), four hand-drawn trading cards from Korok Studios, and a sample swatch of Doctor Who fabric from Implexity Designs at Spoonflower. It's small, but you can still do stuff with it. Make bookmarks, a very small wallet, whatev.

Lunch Goodies - I have to prepare 400 pieces of premium swag. This year, since I'm feeling masochistic, I decided to hand make those, too:

On the right is a bag of what I've done so far. Each baggie has some goodies plus my knitted coffee cup sleeve. You can enjoy your drink and help the environment. No more cardboard throw-aways! Just have to make sure everybody gets one for the lunch. See you there!