Friday, December 5, 2014

TGIF: Time To Read Pt. IV - The Voyage Home

I just pulled the trigger on the audio version of Daringly Delicious (ARE / AMZ / BN). This is an M/F short with a BBW heroine, the first of two stories to feature chocolatier Trish and her man, Vinnie. Trish also appeared in Daringly Decadent and Dare to Act, and will show up in The Sweetest Dare, an F/F in progress. Trish is a favorite of mine in the Dareville universe, and the narrator did a good job with this story. The same lady is reading A Taste of Vanilla, which should be ready by next year.

Meanwhile, you can still pick up A Winter's Dare for 99 cents through next week. (ARE / AMZ / BNEventually I'll need to come to a decision about some of these stories. The contract for an M/M short through another pub expires in 2015, giving me enough to do another M/M print collection. Still, I'd rather concentrate on new work. I'm almost finished with my next anthology submission, then it's on to the next project.

Before I forget, Mundania/Phaze marked down all their Piers Anthony books to $1.99 each through next week. Great stuff there, go check it out.

Still Reading

The Best Awful by Carrie Fisher

I expect to finish this by the weekend. From what I recall of Postcards From the Edge, the preceding book, that story seemed more disjointed but it worked. Postcards the book is way different from the movie, there are characters who didn't make it to the screen, and Awful, while it flows faster (manic) sometimes feels like it's trying to hard. Humor becomes more of a defense mechanism, and I get the impression Carrie/Suzanne tries too hard to use it. Everything becomes a pun when it doesn't has to. But there are some great stretches in this one - a spontaneous trip to Tijuana that turns scary, for example.

I do like this better than I did Carrie's last two memoirs, though. Surrender the Pink remains my top pick of hers.


Night of a Thousand Stars by Deanna Raybourn

Awful kept me up, so I'll finish this one after. Then Tarkin, I swear.



I'd like to do a Top 10 for 2014 as well, all romance. The list would be way different from others, since I read all over the place. We'll see.

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