Friday, December 26, 2014

TGIF: Time to Read Part V - The Final Frontier

Kobo is having a Boxing Day sale today through the 5th. Use DECEMBER35 to get 35% off eligible books. I have several titles that take the code, including the WTRAFSOG box set. That's a great deal to get today.

Hope everybody had a safe and restful holiday, able to enjoy what they like. I don't receive many gifts anymore since it all goes to the little one, but I did get a fair amount of gift book credit. I'll bide my time with the book search because there are a few 2015 titles I want to read.

Speaking of, I find it difficult to not read the books I've earmarked for my 2015 reading challenge. I have a book in hand, I want to read it right there. Since Christmas is a day off for me, I spent it reading...when I wasn't gasping in a food coma.

I finished The Tudor Bride by Joanna Hickson (ARe / AMZ / BN / KOBO) on Christmas Eve. Historical fiction is my crack. From my real-name GR account:

The Tudor Bride is the story of Catherine of Valois, who married Henry V but sadly became a widow too soon into their marriage. Her French heritage and potential influence on the young Henry VI keep her from court, and while it's expected for queen dowagers to live out their years like nuns Catherine is still vital and of a marriageable (and child-bearing) age.

Catherine's story is told through the POV of her faithful Mette, her mistress of the robes during Henry V's regency and later a confidante. I find sometimes that stories told in this bystander POV take away from the main characters. We never really get into Catherine's head but we understand Mette's devotion to her. Her narrative seeks to protect her as she's done for all the queen's life.

After that I picked up a short novel I got with my OmniLit Bucks: Shmucks by Seymour Blickers (ARe / AMZ / BN / KOBO). The premise got me to click, but I hadn't realized it was a reprint of a book published 40+ years ago. A Romanian cab driver, fed up because he can't make a quick buck, and a real estate developer/super, fed up because he can't get laid, drive head-on to face each other in an alley. Neither one budges and we get to watch the ensuing stand-off, ridiculous and pathetic at the same time. 

The story plays out like a Seinfeld episode (like the one where George won't relinquish a parking space), and it's quiet amusing.

Presently I'm reading An American Duchess by Sharon Page (ARe /
AMZ / BN / KOBO), picked up during a search for "books like Downton Abbey." Well, it's not quite like that, but it is post-WWI UK set and while it's not really an original storyline (heiress needs to marry to access $$, engaged to man but interested in his brother the Duke) it's nonetheless engaged me so far. There are fascinating twists to the tropes, however, including a PTSD hero and subplots with the Duke's family.

I suppose next week I will begin my 2015 reading challenges in earnest. There are a few books I should weed off the TBR first. I still have Tarkin and Unfaded Glory to get to, so maybe after New Year's.

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