Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Muddle: Imagine More Books

Today is the anniversary of John Lennon's murder. Typically a somber day for fans, made all the more gloomy by lack of sun where I live. We're up to 34 years now, and the writer in me continues to wonder what might have been. It would make for an interesting story, some people have written theirs, and it's always sat in the back of my mind. Maybe for I have pondered going in another direction.

I didn't get to read much this weekend. My editor self was hit with a double whammy, so I'm pulling in extra hours to meet two deadlines. On top of this, I finished the story I am submitting to an anthology and will pull the trigger later today. This story is M/M contemporary, more erotica than romance, but enjoyable to read (I think). Next up is an F/F novella I'm writing for a spring box set to which I was invited. It is set in the Dareville universe, and probably will be the last story for that series.

Speaking of box sets, I'll figure into two coming up. I'll have details when I'm permitted to speak up. Jury's still out for me on box set participation. On the one hand, it's fun to be included with other great authors. I think I'd enjoy it more, though, if I knew for certain my stories were read. Feedback is always welcome, it gets lonely here.

I'm almost another book closer to finishing the Sideboob Reading Challenge. I'd talked about reading an early Danielle Steel, and as luck would have it I found Going Home (AMZ / BN). It's her first book, so a fitting choice. I'll have my post up soon - Steel doesn't take long for me to read.

As for 2015 writing, I had promised myself to semi-retire, but I find the pull too strong to resist. While the situation with you-know-who sorts out, I'm looking at a few possibilities:

1) Building a series off of "Fox's Holiday," the M/M shifter I wrote for Coming Together For the Holidays (AMZ / ARE / BN / KOBO / SMASH).

2) Writing another M/M story in the Class in Session series. Wouldn't have to be another 1NS imprint, maybe something longer.

3) Building a series off the story I'm about to submit.

Whatever I decide, I intend to write the multiple stories before submitting them. That way sequels are ready to go should the first be accepted. I may self-pub a few things as well. I have a few contracts coming up next year, so I need to decide what to do there. The Healing is still in book purgatory, but I have an idea for it.

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