Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Muddle: Here, There and Everywhere

I've set up the Here, There, Everywhere Reading Challenge as a personal goal - to read books that have withered on the TBR and to discover new to me authors. On my real-name blog I have listed 20 books I hope to finish in 2015. Here I'd like to share an addendum to the list that focuses on romance and books with romantic elements.

When it comes to romance I tend to stick to comfort zones. I imagine that's true for other readers - you read what you enjoy. People who wouldn't normally go for BDSM don't read it. That's cool. For the day job, though, it helps to be well-versed, but damn there are so many books. This year I want to mix it up.

I'll read a lot this coming year - it's one of the perks of the job. I want to make sure, however, everybody gets a chance. Here's what I have planned, at least one book in the following categories:

Romance Authors Everybody (But Me) Reads

1. One Nora Roberts romance
2. One J.R. Ward romance (The Bourbon Kings)
3. One Jude Deveraux romance
4. One Sherrilyn Kenyon romance
5. One Sandra Brown romance

Tis true, I haven't read one book by any of the above. *Slaps own wrist.*

Genres/Tropes I Don't Normally Read

1. One Motorcycle Club novel (Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde)
2. One Scottish Highlander romance
3. One M/M novel with BDSM elements Somebody to Love by Shannon West FINISHED 4/15/15
4. One MFM menage novel
5. One New Adult romance To Overthrow Evil by Sam Crescent FINISHED 5/5/15

Romance Authors, Diversity Edition
To be named as I choose them.

1. Black Soul by Kiru Taye FINISHED 5/6/15
2. The Dowry Bride by Shobhan Bantwal FINISHED 3/13/15
3. A Dance With Danger by Jeannie Lin FINISHED 4/28/15
4. The Look of Love by Crystal Bright FINISHED 5/1/15
5. Bound With Love by Megan Mulry FINISHED 5/17/15

In the interest of adding diversity to my reading list in 2015, I plan to seek out a variety of authors in the romance genre. I'm welcome to suggestions.

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