Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Muddle: A Sale, A Read, An Edit

First up, still lots of sales happening. Enter BLACK at checkout at to get any of my eBooks and paperbacks for 35% off through tomorrow. Shop today only for a 50% rebate on all my titles. From now through December 15, my Christmas short A Winter's Dare (M/F, interracial BM/WW) is marked down to 99 cents.

Holed up in Dare House Museum, Kate Robeson is content to live with the ghosts of the past. Finding a man can wait, much to her mother's consternation. Yet, when Kate discovers the ghosts haunting the oldest house in Dareville have their own plans for Kate, she quickly reconsiders her solitary position, and yearns for the missionary one!

When Devon Williams happens upon Dare House for a research project, Kate is instantly struck. The secrets he reveals of his connection to Polly Dare and her servant Athena are shocking, yet with a little push from some otherworldly friends, Kate comes to see that all work and no play makes for a dull winter, indeed.

I liked Kate. She appears in other Dareville stories, but she doesn't do much. I had planned to do more with her and Devon, but reasons. Instead, I'm 2K into an anthology submission due in January. It has to stay under 7K, but I don't expect any problems.


I finished Normal by Graeme Cameron (AMZ / BN / KOBO) this weekend. It's on pre-order for an early 2015 delivery, I received an ARC. From my Goodreads review (under real name):

Well...not quite sure how to put this review into words. On the one hand, I enjoyed the author's style and the story's pacing. The PR cites Dexter and Natural Born Killers in advanced reviews, neither of which I've seen, but I can vouch for the dark humor throughout the book.

On the other hand, I don't typically like books that attempt to present a "likable" or sympathetic monster. We meet this nameless protagonist just as he's needlessly murdered a teenage girl and abducted another one. For reasons unclear he's keeping the survivor in a basement prison while he wreaks more havoc...until he gradually grows a conscience. He gets sloppy, his prisoner gets more demanding, and the story does take a comic turn from American Psycho to the Coen Brothers.

So, yes, I liked it. Maybe a part of me feels odd for doing so, but there it is.

I neglected to mention on Friday that I also finished Tinseltown (AMZ / ARE / BN / KOBO), mainly because I finished on Saturday. :P From my RL Goodreads:

After reading the synopsis, I was under the impression this book would focus entirely on William Desmond Taylor's. Instead, while Taylor's murder serves as one major point, TINSELTOWN strays to other scandals and conflicts in early Hollywood. Branching from Taylor's story are the battle of wills between Zukor and Loew for position as top dog, the Fatty Arbuckle trials, and the dubious behavior of various starlets tied to Taylor. 

Taylor's murder was never officially solved, though the author offers one plausible theory. It's fascinating to read of how some actresses supplemented their work income, but overall the book is slow to read through. If you were expecting Taylor as focus, you'll wade through other stories to get to the end.

Not a bad weekend for reading, better than most where I'd read a few clunkers in a row. This coming week promises a mix of new and older books gathering dust:

Night of a Thousand Stars by Deanna Raybourn - I've enjoyed a few of Raybourn's early 20th century-set stories. This one started with a bang, actually a runaway bride. It's short so I expect to be done within the next week. (ARE / AMZ / BN / KOBO)

The Best Awful by Carrie Fisher - I've had this on the pile for months. I loved loved loved Postcards From the Edge but hadn't realized she wrote a follow-up. I know I have pledged to read other books on lists but I need some levity right now. I have no idea why this isn't in eBook. (AMZ / BN)

I'm still plugging on that Tarkin novel. I really don't want to DNF - it's not that I don't like it or think it's not well written. Just difficult to get into the frame of mind for sci-fi, even though that SW7 teaser blew me away. Maybe Carrie's book will indirectly get me in the mood again.


As for editing, I'm thinking of approaching Coming Together with a Treasures edition of the M/M works I have written for them. If I add The Healing to the mix I should have enough for a nice anthology for charity. I'm thinking of which company to benefit. Suggestions welcome.

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