Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Muddle: Promo Avalanche

What do you do when five different titles that bear your name are released in a two-week period? I don't consider myself prolific, but you wouldn't know it from this past week. I'm involved in two box sets, two charity anthologies, and one solo release, and they all came running out of the gate recently. It's a personal best for me, unlikely to be duplicated, so I'll enjoy it for what it is.

I'll get the promo whoring out of the way:

A Class Act (All Romance ~ Kindle ~ Kobo ~ NOOK ~ Decadent Publishing) is my second 1Night Stand story, and may be read independently of my first, A Different Class. It's a fun M/M and I enjoyed writing it. I like this world I set up and would like to try a longer piece when I have time.

Hot Holiday Treats (All Romance ~ Kindle ~ iBooks ~ Kobo) hit the All Romance bestseller list (my second time there, yay) and I'm enjoying how the Silken Sheets & Seduction authors are banding together to promo. Writing can be a lonely business at times, and I'm happy to be part of the group.

Spank or Treat 2014 (All Romance ~ Kindle ~ NOOK ~ Smashwords) was a fun time. I've been asked back for Valentine's Day, so we'll see how that goes.

On top of all this, Coming Together set up pre-order links for Pro Bono and For the Holidays. Pro Bono will feature a heavily revised edition of my two shorts Jack of Diamonds and Jack of Hearts. I combined them into one story, Jack, which keeps the heart of the story. When I wrote these years ago, I had intended to write more in that universe, but reasons happened. I think the story is tighter now, and I will probably leave it at that. 

For the Holidays contains an original short, called "Fox's Holiday," an M/M shifter story. I feel I would like to write more in this genre and I have a few ideas for expanding the storyline. For the time being I have no plans to release "Fox" as a single because of its length. After I've written a follow-up, I may set it as a freebie to preface a book launch. As for Jack, I told Alessia at CT that she is welcome to release it as a single work to benefit one of the charities CT supports. I don't know if/when it will happen, but I'll keep an eye out.

I picked up some books at the last ARe rebate sale to read for the blog, but first I have a few library books I must finish before due dates. The blog is also open for book blasts, guest posts, and more. Just drop me a line. I'm happy to help.

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