Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Muddle: Muddling Through

I finished Mr. Mercedes last night. Like, not a love, not enough to cause another author breakup. So, Revival goes on the TBR but I won't get to it immediately. I have Mick Fleetwood's memoir to read, but early buzz is less than enthusiastic about it. Forcing myself through Tarkin and Tinseltown, so I might take a break from both and start on another book. In the meantime, I have a nice bag of finished books to take to the security guard at my husband's work. He'll read anything, and I've given him mystery and sci fi and romance. I like that I can give a book to somebody and know they will pick it up just because.


I used to acquire stories for a small publisher, and throughout a year we'd hold several special calls for shorts. It's fun to make up themes for these calls, and a challenge to do something another publisher hasn't done. Ten years ago everybody had a Zodiac and/or Tarot line - it was insane. One thing I found amusing about calls was the last minute slide under the door, when authors submitted stories almost at midnight of the deadline.

I'm about to commit that last-minute slide myself. I'm looking into anthologies that want shorts of about 5k (if you've followed new of another publisher, it's related to that). There's a deadline this Friday and I'm almost done with an MM short to send. If I don't make that book, I plan to use it toward another Coming Together contribution.

Coming Together has a line called "Treasures" which takes all the contributed shorts from one author into a collection benefitting charity. I have two MM stories out soon which total about 15K. I'd need 20K minimum for digital, 50K for print. Print's not a concern for me these days, but a large collection would be nice, so I plan to write a bit to make this happen. Only thing left is to decide on a charity.

We donate often to cancer-related organizations, and to homeless shelters. Because a collection would be all MM, perhaps an LGBT-centric charity would work, too. I suppose I can muddle that while I write. Suggestions welcome.

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