Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Me Read Books

Consider this a quiet relaunch of Me Want Food, as I concentrate more on books I'm reading rather than writing...for now, anyway. I will always write, likely in a different capacity. My work as a writer has evolved over 20+ years. I set out to work as a journalist and ended up in fiction, by way of Web content and greeting cards. The journalism I aspired to twenty years ago doesn't exist anymore, and honestly publishing is flipped on its ear, so it's time to adapt and evolve again. It will be fun to see what I do next.

For now, I'm reading and talking about what I read, with the occasional self-serving promo thrown in. I'm not actively soliciting books for review because I have plenty in my possession. Don't think this is a book grab, I get plenty during rebate sales at ARe. In case you're wondering what I like, here goes:

  • Small-town contemporary romances: Stuff like Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series, Kristan Higgins and Donna Kauffman, etc. I tend to go no further than four or five books before I burn out, though.
  • Historicals: Favorites are Tudor-era through the 20's Britain, Old Hollywood stories, and early 20th century America. Doesn't have to be romance.
  • LGBT fiction: I'll read M/M romance but I'm partial to F/F. It's sorely under-represented on review blogs, so if it looks interesting I'll try it.
  • Biographies and history: I'll probably review these under my real name.
I'll read just about anything, but some topics interest me more than others. I'm less likely to pick up:
  • Hate literature: Goes without saying. 
  • Heavy BDSM romance: I do read a few authors, but otherwise this isn't my bag.
  • Alpha-hole heroes: You know the books. If an author is writing more for a trope than a story, meh.
  • P2P Fan Fiction: I'll just read the fanfic if I want to.
Also, when I review I wish to highlight books that are available at more than two retailers. I'm not anti-KDP select, but I like options when I shop for books. I like to think other reader do as well. This doesn't mean I won't review a Select title, just that you'll find variety here.

If you're an author looking for a place to promo, my door is open. Giveaways, cover reveals, book blasts...you name it, we'll work on it.

That's it for now. I have to get a nice avatar to go with the site, then I'm off!

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