Monday, October 6, 2014

Write Hard, Read Harder

Tonight I'll complete edits for A CLASS ACT. I'm excited for the release of that story, and I'm waiting anxiously to hear about two submissions and two box sets. In the meantime, I'm 1,000+ words into a third Class story and 1,000 into something new for the other pen name. Over the last week I've wavered between retiring Leigh Ellwood and doing something else, or staying to climb. I still haven't made a final decision, but I do know I will always write. If I never make another cent, I'll write. They'll pose me in a coffin with my fingers positioned on the laptop.

So I mentioned on Twitter that I planned to blog more about authors to read. If you're following the #NotChilled tag, things have taken an interesting turn. I see an amazing outpouring of support not only for Dear Author, but book blogging in general. Regardless of what you think of how books are reviewed, these are the readers who share works they enjoy. You silence people who talk books, you cut off the heart of your marketing strategy. I believe there is no such thing as a bad review - the worst kind is NO review. Silence = no word of mouth = no sales. Trust me, I've purchased books despite negative reviews. Read for yourself and decide what you like.

Some may argue silence can hurt in this case. I'm not here to condone or condemn authors' decisions. I wish to support the authors affected. Easiest way to do that is visit the EC authors page, search what books are available from the authors on your favorite retail site, and buy.

In a previous post I listed non-EC books by EC authors I've read. I'll re-paste here, but first here are EC authors I've read exclusively within that house:

  • L.E. Chamberlin
  • Cheryl Dragon
  • Jennifer Kacey
  • Mandy Harbin
  • Dena Garson
  • Jan Springer
  • Danica Avet
  • L.J. Slocombe
  • Avery Aster
  • Ashley Ladd
  • Jina Bacarr
  • Titania Ladley
  • Denise A. Agnew
  • Cheyenne McCray

Can you recommend a book I should read? Comment below.

Recommended Books I Have Read

Hot Georgia Winds by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Cravings by Dee Carney
Every Waking Hour by Paisley Smith
Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm... (features a story by Annabeth Leong - this is a charity anthology, so check out Annabeth's other titles, too)
Branded by Tilly Greene
Sci Spanks 2014 has a story by Olivia Starke, but check out her Decadent titles, too!
A New Orleans Threesome by Louisa Bacio
Fat by Saranna DeWylde
The Millionaire's Mistake by Sean Michael
The Fighter's Secretary by Ann Mayburn
Such Sweet Sorrow by Jenny Trout (writes at EC under another name)
Brick Dust & Bedsprings by Lucy Felthouse

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