Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Muddle: Blue Morning, Blue Day

In an effort to be more conversational, I have resolved to blog once a week about my glamorous life. Or else just bitch until something goes viral.

So about that fall bucket list...yeh. Well, I confess I let my attention wander to all the ROMANCE DRAMA happening on Twitter. Publishers gone wild, authors gone wild, authors supporting authors going's a mess. This weekend another school shooting happened, with speculation that it was about a boy feeling rejected by a girl, and that piled onto my brain. It's not all about me, but I see news like this and don't want to send my little one out into the world. What if one day she politely declines the wrong person? Is it silly for me to think that way? I should note that no boy asked me out in high school. Not one. Never occurred that somebody would throttle me for saying to a date. No rejection that I know of escalated to a shooting at my school, either.

I'm not saying it was the case here, but I've read the speculation. We'll know when we're told, I suppose.

Not quite floor-dragging length.
Anyway, I'm a mess and the change in weather hasn't helped. I have a half-finished 4th Doctor scarf that won't be ready for Halloween, so the new goal is a Who Con coming up next year. There's no money to travel because reasons and bills. I'm on the fence about NaNoWriMo because frankly, I'm thinking of pursuing a different genre. I would still write as Leigh, just less frequently and when calls for submission catch my eye. Even then, it will likely be an M/M story.

It sounds like an odd thing to do when you have several stories coming out to promote, but I've never gone with the flow. In fact, I've done a lot of dumb things and followed some bad advice in the past, and that hasn't helped.

I had a good run as Leigh Ellwood, especially five years ago. That might be where I peaked, but who knows? I may try to publish under a different name altogether, aside from my real one. If it works I'll let you know.

Bear in mind, too, I'm not blogging this to gain sympathy. I'm not pulling a pouty "Y'all don't like me anymore so I'm leaving, Interwebz" flounce. I'm not leaving, just looking at other paths.

In the future, you'll see more reviewing than writing. Yeah, with BlogGate or whatever you want to call it going on, you'd think the opposite. I was considering this before the Guardian article, though. My day job involves staying on the pulse of the romance industry, and that means reading. I love to talk books, so it seems natural. It's funny, too, when you think of all the authors who started out as book bloggers, and I'm doing the reverse. 

Why not? Discovery is suffering right now. When you think you have bookstore algorithms figured out, they fuck up again and your Amazon rank is in the seven figures. I feel like a tiny Whovillian, shouting I AM HERE from a dandelion puff. I wouldn't want another author to feel that way.

So, for the weekly roundup:

Writing: I just heard that the pre-order links for Hot Holiday Treats are going up today. I'm excited about that. I participated in the box set for kicks, and had a lot of fun planning it with the other Silken Sheets authors. 

"Simon," along with the other Spank or Treat stories are in the format stage for a release as well, and on November 7 A Class Act drops. I will plug away at a third story for that series. At first I thought of another 1Night Stand, but maybe it's time for a story outside those confines. I like the characters and brewery setting and want to do more with them.

Reading: I am halfway into Kathleen O'Brien's Reclaiming Her Cowboy, which I presume is the last book in her Sisters of Bell River Ranch series. All the sisters had their stories, and this one closes a subplot that streamed through the other four books. I'm liking it so far, and I'm thinking I'll relaunch the blog with a group review of the whole series.

Also, I haven't forgotten the Sideboob Hour list. As I said, I read as part of my job and I spend a lot of time with recent releases. Although, I did read Outlander, so I'm thinking of adding it to the list. If this will become a review blog then the Sideboob should be a regular feature.

Miscellany: If I accomplish anything on my Fall Bucket List, it's the 100 miles. I'm up to 25 now on my trusty Townie. Haven't lost any weight because I still eat like a horse, but at least my blood is pumping.


Let's see if I survive the week.

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