Wednesday, October 29, 2014

50 Quick Breads - No. 27: Vanilla

I am bread's bitch. I won't apologize for it. I love carby foods: pasta, flaky pastry, potatoes. They may kill me in the end, but I'll die with a smile. I don't buy magazines anymore, but I saw the cover of the October Food Network and went - Come to mama. I can't say no to one quick bread, much less fifty.

I don't know about you, but I'm the person who collects all the awesome food porn on Pinterest then eats a tuna sandwich. I am cooking more, though, but I still haven't unlocked the lasagna achievement. For now, I have decided to try some of these quick breads. They don't require the work and time of lasagna, and I might get little one to eat something I've made once in a while.

Tonight, I thought to go with a less complicated bread - Vanilla. I don't have a mixer, so I bake old school - spoons and a strong arm. I still get the batter smooth, though I worry about the occasional butter or dry flour pocket. Didn't happen this time.

The ends came out more golden than it probably should be. The flavor, though...oh, gluten! It's a smooth texture and clean taste, something that would pair great with any jam, or that jar of salted caramel JIF in my private stash.

Little One asked for a chocolate bread next time, so that will be the next recipe.

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