Monday, September 1, 2014

Leigh's Fabulous Fall

So...about my summer bucket list. I got most of it done, but fell short of the full goal. We traveled more than usual this year since my husband chose not to teach a summer term. Consequently, it meant less money for us as well. Time constraints prevented the Currituck trip, and cash shortage prevented the horse sightseeing tour. Same with the Appalachian Trail hiking - the closest trailhead is a few hours away, and it seemed as though something else intervened. The camping trip was put on hold when I discovered our tent was no longer up for the pitching. Also, you know, money...

Learning to crochet? Well, I gave it a few shots and managed the beginning chain. My eyesight isn't what it used to be, though, and I've had trouble getting beyond that. Looks like I finally need glasses.

The good news is, I can technically do these four things in September if I can get away. There are a number of campgrounds and parks open year round here, and the horses don't go south for the winter. Just need to set aside some mad money to make it happen. Either way, I enjoyed the summer bucket list so much I decided on one for Fall, too:

I carried over a few summer items, the ones I think I can manage before winter. As for the rest:

Finish 4th Doctor Scarf - I'm using my loom to create a variant of this scarf. This will be the third one I've made. First went to a friend for his birthday, second was a raffle prize at Authors After Dark, and this one is mine all mine. Would like to finish it before Halloween.

German Refresh - I minored in German in college, and retained enough of it when I went to Germany. I found the Duolingo site recently and intend to complete the courses.

Learn Italian - I figured I should learn Italian while I'm there. Wish I'd known about this site before the Sicily trip.

Make a Lasagna - I'm cooking more at home, and I love Italian food. Lasagna is fairly complicated and time-consuming, but I love it and would like to make one for a cool evening.

Bike 100 Miles - I intend to do this as a cumulative project. My personal best is 46 miles (Colonial Parkway, there and back) in a day. I haven't been on a bike since my daughter was born, and it's long past time I resumed.

Finish Sideboob TBR - I'm four books away from the end. I have three in my possession and I need to decide on an early Danielle Steel. I'll take suggestions for that one.

Finish Dune Trilogy - This would be the original Herbert novels - Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children of Dune. I've read the first one and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have the other two and just need to get it done.

Fall Weekend Away - Fall is the best time to come to Virginia. A bazillion food and/or wine festivals happen, and every year we keep saying we'll do this one or that one and we never do because reasons. Well, this year it's happening. I want to lie on somebody else's expansive lawn, staring up or down at Shenandoah, drunk on Viognier and crackers.

So that's my Fall plan. I look forward to seeing what I do first, and blogging about it.

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