Monday, September 29, 2014

Buy a Book, Support an Author

I am fortunate that I have a job. I have worked steadily since I was sixteen years old, be it weekends to pay for school supplies or full-time for rent. Even when I faced layoffs due to downturns in economy, I found work. I will probably work until my dying breath, because I write. Andy Rooney says writers don't retire, and I believe that. Perhaps in the future, though, I'll be a floating head in a Futurama jar dictating a new book to a robot. That would be cool.

I digress. Many authors experiencing issues with you-know-who rely on their earnings to keep the lights working, to put food in the pantry, to pay for medicine. Some may joke when a dinky royalty comes in ("Huzzah. Today I buy a Venti mocha!") but a dinky check is still money. It's earned. It's belongs to the person who wrote the story.

This week I've seen calls for boycotts and offers to promo books from other houses. Whatever you choose to do to help authors, go with your instincts and good judgement. If you know an author undergoing a hardship, a nice note of support could work wonders...and buy a book of theirs.

I love to read, and I've read many authors from this house and enjoy their works. There are other sites seeking to promote indie/other works by the affected authors. Right there you have a good TBR list for the Fall. Here's another one.

My disclaimer: Though I'm listing books I have read, I invite anybody to comment and recommend a relevant title. Also, I have stories elsewhere that could use a little love. Search Leigh Ellwood at All Romance, my favorite eBook retailer. Links here go to ARe, but I'm sure you'll find them elsewhere, too.

Recommended Books

Hot Georgia Winds by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Cravings by Dee Carney
Every Waking Hour by Paisley Smith
Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm... (features a story by Annabeth Leong - this is a charity anthology, so check out Annabeth's other titles, too)
Branded by Tilly Greene
Sci Spanks 2014 has a story by Olivia Starke, but check out her Decadent titles, too!
A New Orleans Threesome by Louisa Bacio
Fat by Saranna DeWylde
The Millionaire's Mistake by Sean Michael
The Fighter's Secretary by Ann Mayburn
Such Sweet Sorrow by Jenny Trout (writes at EC under another name)

This list looks short, and as I went through my reading records I noticed with many authors of this particular house...if I read more than one book it came from that same house. So, I must broaden my horizons a bit. In a future post I'll go over authors I have read and ask for recommendations.

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