Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sideboob Reading Challenge: Hollywood Wives by Jackie Collins

You can find a few reprints of Jackie Collins's novels in low-priced Kindle versions, made available by Jackie. It's cool she's acquired the rights to some of her older works to self-publish, though in searching to complete my Sideboob Reading Challenge I found every one but the book I intended to read. It took a while to get to Hollywood Wives, but once I did I tore through the book in about four days.

I saw parallels to Jacqueline Susann's style in this book - the story is split primarily between three women.

  • Elaine is presented as a stereotypical, vapid, Beverly Hills wife who pays more attention to outward appearances.
  • Montana is a second wife and ambitious. She wants to see her screenplay produced and is constantly railroaded by her director husband and some asshole producer.
  • Angel is fresh off the turnip truck, married to a loser and probably the only person in the book without dreams of stardom.
Very few, if any, likable people in this story, yet you're drawn to them like crack. As if they don't have enough problems risking the clap as they sleep around, there's a nutball traveling across country to kill one of them. You may learn a lesson about the consequences of using poppers during sex, and perhaps come to the conclusion that Hollywood is a soulless cesspool. Sunny, but soulless.

As a reading diversion, I'd rate this one above the Lace novels and The Lonely Lady. It's dirty, poolside fun if you want to feel better about yourself and meet some people who could use a nice kick.

Next up, The Immortals by Michael Korda.

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