Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hot Days and Hotter Nights Blog Hop + Giveaway

I am thrilled to be one of the authors sponsoring the Hot Days and Hotter Nights blog hop! You can stop by the Red Hot Authors Cafe daily for your dose of romantic hotness, book news and reviews. It's a fun group and we're happy to have you join in on the fun.

It's been a busy summer for me. Book release, story written, more writing done, juggling work and family. I don't know about you, but it's a great time to take a break with a hot book excerpt. I have a number of re-releases to take care of, but first I want to share something original, from an upcoming episodic work, as yet untitled. I had originally planned a serial, but I understand they're getting bad press because readers don't care much for cliffhangers. Fair enough. Instead I'm going to put everything in one book. Here's a preview of the first part, Tom.

How can I get this man off my couch tonight and into my bed next to me? Better yet, on top of me?
I’d asked myself that more than once, too often in the space of a few hours that it had become my new mantra. Tom O’Keefe worked for the London branch of Kline Creative Associates and suffered the misfortune of visiting our Miami headquarters at the height of storm season. One has to question the wisdom of scheduling the annual retreat while an unwelcome guest named Hurricane Lily reached triple-digit wind speeds on her path toward our coast, but when I finally placed Tom’s handsome face with the sexy English accent I savored during phone conferences I wanted to dry hump Mother Nature in thanks. The bad weather would surely keep him in town for an extra day or so.
From the moment he strolled into our offices this morning, his charcoal jacket draped over one crooked arm, the corners of his green eyes crinkling as he smiled, one could no doubt sense the collective wobbling of high heels as every woman in his crosshairs grasped something for support. “He’s fucking gorgeous,” whispered the front desk receptionist as I walked past. Yeah, understatement of the year. She pushed her glasses back to the bridge of her nose. “He could be the next Doctor. God, he’s so suave.”
I didn’t catch the obvious geek reference she made. Lucy wore striped wizard scarves to work and quoted Hobbits. Her zeal for fantasy fandoms and her slim figure made her a dream fuck for any guy in the office, but it was interesting to watch Tom glide past her with nothing more seductive than a nod in greeting as he followed the group into the conference room.
Other members of the secretarial pool, huddled around the front desk to view the parade, proved less subtle.
“I could chew on that pouty lower lip all day,” murmured Ellen.
“I’d nibble on that fine white ass,” chimed in Keisha.
I only straightened my posture so as to bring some elegance to my size sixteen frame and brushed a fleck of paper dust from my black pencil skirt. I kept my own fantasies about Tom O’Keefe to myself—I didn’t need reality to edge closer and spoil the lovely images in my head. No doubt, somewhere in London, a size zero Burberry model bearing a perpetual frown awaited between satin sheets for his return.

“Back to work, ladies,” I chided before resuming my duties.
Want more? I hope to have it available soon. For now, leave a comment and let me know your favorite sub-genre of romance. I'll draw one 18+ winner to win a free eBook from me. 



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CBarton said...

My favorite sub-genre is paranormal. Love my shifters the most.

cmucha319 AT yahoo DOT com

Heare2Watts said...

I have a fascination with mail order bride stories!

Judy said...

I have gotten into YA books. My 16 year old granddaughter loves to read, so I try to go with that genre until she gets older and can pick her own. We share the books and I have gotten into reading and enjoying them.

ShirleyAnn said...

My favourite sub-genre has to be paranormal I enjoy ghosts, shifters and most other paranomal types of books.


Juana said...

My favorite is Paranormal Romance I love all different kinds of creatures from vampires, werewolves, and all kinds of shifters.

jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

books4me said...

I love paranormal erotic romance! Gets my blood boiling and my hubby loves it...hehe.

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Laurel Lasky said...

I love spanking romance and erotic romance, sometimes they are the same.

bn100 said...


bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Brandi said...

Contemporary romance is one of my top favorites. =)

Thanks for the giveaway!

Take care, & I hope you have a great day! =)
BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

Linda Romer said...

My favorite sub-genre of romance would be email thank you said...

I like paranormal, historical, and contemporary. And others. :)

KIM TALBOT said...

That was a heckuva teaser. My favorite sub genre is Paranormal. If it can shift and is growly, count me in. Bonus points for IR.

Book Attict said...

I love it all, but I've been reading a lot of PNR lately!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com

Sue Stiff said...

Paranornal with vampires
thanks for the giveaway

BookLady said...

My favorite is paranormal romance, especially vampires. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Sherry said...

I love paranormal romance.
sstrode at scrtc dot com

Stacey Smith said...

1 Paranormal Romances is my favorite number 2 is Urban fantasy Romance.

Stacey Smith said...

sorry forgot my e-mail
sasluvbooks at yahoo dot com

Kris Bloom said...

my favorite are dark erotica I am not sure when I got there but I really read everything!

VanillaOrchids said...

I would have to say my favorite sub-genre is paranormal.

Anonymous said...

I love some paranormal with my romance!

Bonnie Hilligoss
bonnie at bonnieanddave dot com

Leigh Ellwood said...

Sue wins! Thanks, everybody.