Saturday, August 30, 2014

30% off My Books After Rebate This Weekend!

So, you like eBook sales? I love them. Every time ARe has a rebate I'm there. I have a few books on my radar already and I love racking up the rebate bucks. If only I had time to read everything in one sitting.

Anyway, all of my titles are eligible for the rebate. You'll get 30% off after rebate now through September 1. It's a great time to stock up on backlist stories and for picking up Sugar Rush and my Phaze books.

I also recommend shopping the Coming Together titles at ARe, since all proceeds go to charity. Speaking of, Alessia Brio is putting together a holiday anthology called For the Holidays. It's a short submission period, and I'd like to write something for it. Hopefully I can make some time while the little one is at school.

As for other WIPs, I have decided to push the pause button on Sugar High until I see what is happening with you-know-what. I have a final edit to do on my holiday box set story, and I've turned in my pre-edits for A Class Act. I also started a new M/M which will be published as a free short. It will anchor a new series I have outlined. If you love M/M I hope you'll enjoy it.

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