Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer of Love 2014: Progress II

Slowly but surely, I'm getting the list done. You can read the first installment of progress (I may have to add blueberry picking to the list; the season is here) while I ponder how to get the rest of the bucket items done. The traveling is the challenge, mainly because I have a reunion coming up that requires a long-ass drive down the coast, unfortunately not in the direction that would get me to horses or up 13 North.

 As for camping, it's been so damn hot I don't want to think about lying in a tent with no breeze. I may have to plan a third trip up north to satisfy that - I have a few places in mind. Appalachian Trail hiking is specific, you hike where the trail is. My challenge: the trail isn't at my backdoor. More than likely I'll combine the hiking and the camping, it only makes sense. Then again, I can camp in Currituck and the Eastern Shore. We'll see how the weather holds up in the next month, because these are looking like August activities.

The Doctor Who binge is still in progress. I am now up to the second season of First Doctor episodes. I'm eager to get that moving, but with holiday travel, people at home, and work I struggle to find thirty minutes a day where I'm not about to drop from exhaustion. At this writing, "Lands of the Giants" is on deck. Here's what I did get done, though:

Make Sangria: Search sangria recipes and you'll find a thousand, none of which are the same. We have gallons of wine we may never drink, and one night we a took a bottle of table white, mixed in a cup of super sweet peach wine, stirred in a peach and assorted berries, and came up with this:


It was cold, tasted good, and did the trick. Don't ask how I made it - just mix a bunch of wine and fruit.

Bird Watching: That's easy to do at the in-laws', where we spend summer holidays. Their backyard is Bird Paradise, with the seed socks and nectar and birdie hotels. This past week I've seen cardinals, blue jays, humming birds, tiny brown birds, and these cute little buggers:

Wild turkeys! Over spring break there were about seven females between a few toms. Now there are nineteen little ones that toddle up to the yard for feed, and no tom in sight. Already we're seeing one of the juniors puff up like an alpha in training.

Letterboxing: Letterboxing is like geocaching. You follow clues to find a packet that contains a rubber stamp and sometimes a small guestbook. You sign and stamp the book, then put the found stamp in your journal. See for how it's done. I dabbled a bit in letterboxing when the girl was younger, but we fell out of it. It's something I enjoyed doing, though, and she was eager to try again. Over the last week we made three attempts to find stamps in Virginia Beach but came up empty. It happens - sometimes boxes go missing due to weather or theft or neglect. So in WV I researched recent boxes hoping we'd have better luck, and we did.

We found the first one near the State Capitol building, the second at a travel plaza. I'm researching boxes near home and elsewhere.

Next up, I need to strap on those skates.

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