Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My #AAD2014 Stuff

I am currently in chicken-head-cut-off phase getting ready for Authors After Dark. I am a Featured Author this year and co-sponsoring a lunch. So this means I put in some extra work to make sure there's enough to go around for attendees. I thought you might like to see the prizes I'm offering this year. I'll have on an AAD Author t-shirt so feel free to poke me while you're there. I'm thinking, too, I might just give it all away rather than sell books at the signing, because generosity and drinking. We'll see.

Welcome Basket - I have a bag of print ARCs as received by my reviewer self and a bottle of wine. Should make somebody happy. I never know what to do with ARCs after I get them, besides read. I don't like donating them to charity, b/c they end up on sale, and my local friends don't read the genres available. AAD looks like the perfect place for a giveaway.

Raffle Basket - To celebrate my alter ego's upcoming book with Ellora's Cave, the geek hero novella Busted!, I'm doing a Doctor Who basket. This one is special because the Tom Baker scarf was knitted by yours truly:

It is long. It will cover David Tennant and part of Matt Smith. I also have a pack of Jelly Babies, a mystery Doctor Who shirt I bought from a TeeFury sale sized XL (I haven't opened the package, so if you win let me know what it is), four hand-drawn trading cards from Korok Studios, and a sample swatch of Doctor Who fabric from Implexity Designs at Spoonflower. It's small, but you can still do stuff with it. Make bookmarks, a very small wallet, whatev.

Lunch Goodies - I have to prepare 400 pieces of premium swag. This year, since I'm feeling masochistic, I decided to hand make those, too:

On the right is a bag of what I've done so far. Each baggie has some goodies plus my knitted coffee cup sleeve. You can enjoy your drink and help the environment. No more cardboard throw-aways! Just have to make sure everybody gets one for the lunch. See you there!

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