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Guest Author Kate Hill: What Makes Him Sexy?

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Romance novels are all about fantasy, but mixed in somewhere is a bit of reality. While often in novels characters and situations are exciting, they're not necessarily what we'd want in real life. Still there are some basic characteristics that make a man not just appealing, but the kind of guy you'd want to share your happily ever after.

These are the top three qualities that I find sexy, in books and in real life.

1) A sense of humor. He doesn't have to joke constantly or always be funny and witty, but he can't take himself seriously all the time either. Being able to laugh at himself once in while is hugely appealing.

2) Being responsible. I love a guy with a wild side, but that doesn't mean using people, especially the ones he's supposed to care about. When he finds a forever partner, he should be willing to share the responsibilities that make a relationship work. Taking care of his loved ones, especially his partner and kids, makes a hero in real life and in books.

3) Showing respect. He needs to genuinely care about what his partner feels. If a decision comes up that affects their relationship, he needs to be honest about it and include his partner. It's easy to take someone for granted, but there's nothing sexier than a man who recognizes what his partner does for him and lets her know from the heart that he appreciates her.

What qualities are on your list?

Storm Stallion
by Kate Hill
Book 8 in the Horsemen Series


From the moment Ivan rescued Bala from the inferno that wiped out her village, he has been in love with her. Knowing the young widow's heart belongs to her husband who died from the Horseman Plague, he struggles to keep his passion for her a secret.

Bala is burdened by guilt over the lustful fantasies she's been having about the handsome Fighting Carrier. When he surprises them both by asking her to marry him, she accepts. With Ivan she enjoys a sexual freedom she has never experienced before. Despite their love for each other, their marriage is threatened by the shadow of her first husband.

Ivan and Bala realize they're meant to be together, but first they have to find their way back to each other.

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The following excerpt from Storm Stallion is for readers 18 and over.

Closing her eyes, Bala surrendered to him completely. Soon the rhythm of his galloping legs and pounding wings seemed to lock onto her clit and pussy. Her heartbeat quickened and she throbbed with lust. She rocked on top of him, trying to keep time with him. Her sensitive flesh rubbed against him and she gripped him tightly with her knees, rising a bit higher on his back.

Ivan groaned when her pelvis thrust against his Turning Point, that extra-sensitive area on a Horseman's lower back where shape changing originated. Having it stroked was as arousing as having his cock stroked.

"Keep that up and we might crash," he panted.

"I'm sorry," she breathed. "It's just so hard to... I'm so aroused, Ivan."

"Perhaps we should take this to the ground?"

"Yes. Good idea." Her heart pounded and her loincloth, damp with her juices, rubbed against her aching clit.

Ivan landed in a secluded field a short distance from the lake. He walked toward a weeping willow tree.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Bala hugged his man-torso tighter. Her cheek rested against his shoulder. His warmth felt so good against her and with every breath she inhaled his arousing scent.

Pausing near the tree, he waited for her to dismount. Bala slowly slid off his back. She led the way under the tree and spread out the blanket. The bowed, leafy branches created a natural curtain and the grass a soft cushion. It was a more beautiful wedding night bed than any richly furnished palace could offer.

The ground trembled as Ivan shifted shape. He stood for a few seconds, allowing the brief weakness that followed shapeshifting to pass then he stepped beneath the branches and smiled at her.

By the gods, he was such a handsome Horseman. His compact body was perfectly proportioned, from his broad shoulders to his powerfully muscled legs. His thick cock rose from its nest of dark, wiry hair. It was already hard, but it hadn't yet reached its full potential.

From where she knelt on the blanket, she beckoned him with a finger.

A faint smile on his lips, he stepped toward her, his heavy balls swinging slightly with every step. When he stood in front of her, she rose higher on her knees to cup his bottom and kiss his chiseled belly. The muscles clenched and released as she continued kissing and licking his stomach.

Ivan unbound her hair. His fingers gently combed through it and massaged her scalp. His buttocks tightened in her grip. She sat back on her heels and clasped his cock in both hands. She stroked it, loving how the foreskin moved, an added caress that by the look on his face, he enjoyed greatly.

About Kate Hill

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate Hill started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.

When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family and pets.

Kate also writes under the pen name Saloni Quinby. She enjoys hearing from readers and she can be contacted at You can find Kate online at, and

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