Monday, July 28, 2014

Expanding a Story: How Long is Long?

Recently I took part in a spanking anthology. Here are the buy links:

ARe ~ Kindle ~ Kobo ~ Smashwords

I enjoyed being a part of it, more so when I got word it became an ARe bestseller. Not a category one, either, but for the whole site. I really don't think that's happened to me before - I have a number of books with silver stars there, but never got the mail that I have a store bestseller. It's a real boost to the ego, and if you know I like good news. I thank all the readers who helped make it real.

So my story in Sci Spanks is about 2300 words. I had fun with it, though I don't write much BDSM. I was asked if I intend to lengthen the story, and I am considering it. In fact, I have a few shorts on the back burner.

A while back I got the rights to Jack of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, and The Healing reverted. I'd planned to just retouch them and release as another M/M anthology, but then I held back. I like to be careful about re-releases, because I want to make original stories priority. I'm still waiting to hear on a few submissions as I write this, and I do want to complete a novel length work again. I wrote the two Jack stories as "heat sheets" for specific calls of a certain length, and looking back at them I know they can be expanded into a better story. I'd combine them for one, and remove a few elements and add more important ones. The stories represent my beginnings in eBook publishing, and I like to think I've grown as a writer since then. :-)

The Healing is a bit longer, but I had planned a prequel that fell to the wayside. Although the story was shortlisted at the Gaylactic Spectrum awards, I feel it could do with some retooling. Question is, where's the time? If I want it badly enough, I'll make it.

So this is where my mind is at present. Waiting for results of the new, pondering the old to renew. It will be an interesting Fall.

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