Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer of Love - Progress

It's been a slow start to my summer bucket list, mainly because I haven't spent much time at home. I spent the first week of June prepping for travel and in Sicily, then came right home and got back in the car for a Father's Day weekend visit to the in-laws' farm. Now that I'm home, I work full-time while everybody else - on vacation - hovers. Still, I've managed to whittle a bit off the big board.

Drink Mimosas: So far I've split one with the husband at brunch. Won't be the last one I drink.

Read New-To-Me-Author: I've done this in spades, thanks to long flights to and from Italy. Since the beginning of the month I've read The Pink Suit by Nicole Mary Kelby, The Blonde by Anna Godbersen, The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough, Scared Scriptless by Alison Sweeney, and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. All new-to-me-authors at the time, and I think I may revisit a few later on.

Cherry Picking: It was crucial to get this done soon, because the Spring Valley Orchard in Central Virginia has a short window for U-Pick. It was on the drive home from the farm, and it was close to a hundred degrees. Still, we picked about three pounds of cherries and did our best not to eat all of them on the walk back to pay. Berry picking is something we do every summer - we missed out on the strawberries this spring, but blackberry and blueberry seasons are coming soon. I have plans for cobblers and smoothies, and of course the sangria that's on my list. As for the cherries, I used some of them to make a pie:


In Progress: While it's not what I had in mind, we are doing some bird watching. We have a little brown bird taking up residence in one of our houses, and there are tiny chirpers within. We haven't seen the babies yet, but Mama Bird flits in and out with food. Only a matter of time until they try their wings.

I've also watched five First Doctor Doctor Who serials. I'm not getting to them as often as I'd like, since the World Cup is on and I don't have the privacy to watch Hulu. My best option seems to be when everybody's gone to bed, and I'm nodding off.

I had hoped to do some drinking, too. Will have to make that priority.

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