Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sideboob Reading Challenge: The Lonely Lady by Harold Robbins

Holy crap, this book.

I chose The Lonely Lady for the Sideboob Reading Challenge because Harold Robbins wrote it, and allegedly he was the Lord Master of sideboob fiction in the 70s. I once saw an A&E Biography on Robbins, which painted him as a "writer-celebrity". You know the type - they write something that becomes popular, then lengthen their fame through other means. Maybe they end up as panelists on "Match Game" or whatever. In my memory I see somebody's grandpa with a half-buttoned shirt, wearing gold chains, dancing at Studio 54. Ah, Harold.

Well, I picked this particular book because I once saw the first twenty minutes of the movie. Pia Zadora starred, so I think you know how that went. If you read Jabootu's review, you'll know Hollywood took a shitty book and made a shittier film of it. I can't even...I just want to bleach my brain after reading this.

First part has some rapey-shamey content, then it went downhill. For the tl;dr folks: it's about a girl who aspires to be a famous writer and apparently has to have sex with everybody and his wife in order to get famous. Maybe that's why I'm not famous - I keep it in my pants.

I had trouble, also, believing that writers have that much power in Hollywood. JeriLee's husband is supposedly this super-famous playwright/screenwriter who appears to have enough clout in the business that people treat him like a producer. Maybe if the guy produced his own work I'd believe the characterization better. I'd read that Robbins based JeriLee on Jackie Susann (actress turned writer), but I doubted Jackie had to blow half of Cali to get Valley of the Dolls onscreen.

Trash, and not even good trash.

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