Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Available Again - One Sweet Ride (M/M, Science Fiction Erotica)

Over the weekend I re-released my (mainly) M/M erotic science fiction novella, One Sweet Ride. This book was once known as Taste This, and is re-released with a new cover. This summer, it will be finally released into print along with its sequel, Bittersweet. Bittersweet is getting a tune-up and will be re-released also.

If you've seen my print backlist, you'll find I have only one M/M title, M-Squared. It's my hope The Vectran Chronicles will make up for this lack of printed manlove. I'm hoping in the future to attend cons with this duology. Once I complete revisions on some more M/M shorts, I'd like to put out another print anthology.

For now, if you never bought Taste This, it's new to you!

One Sweet Ride
Book One of The Vectran Chronicles
M/M, Bisexual, Sci-Fi
Formerly published as TASTE THIS.

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Warning: This novella is probably one of the smuttiest Leigh has written. This story features explicit scenes of M/M sex, FFM sex, MMF sex, MMMM sex, and some other combinations. There's anal, people licking private places, and more. At the core of this story, though, is a love story between two men.


Kelly Landry loves to bake. He's living the dream, running the busiest bakery cafe in town. At Taste This, people come from all over for his chocolate chip cookies...even from outer space.

Tobin, captain of the Jiu'Kr, can't satisfy his sweet tooth. He loves Kelly's cookies, but would prefer to have the hunky chef in his bed. One he gets him aboard the Vectran ship, he shows Kelly how to make every day sweet, and hot. Yet, can Tobin and Kelly live on chocolate and sex alone?

Book One of The Vectran Chronicles. Look for Book Two: Bittersweet, coming soon!


He awoke to the sensation of being suspended, free, out of his body. Had he died?

Kelly’s eyes fluttered open and focused to reveal a cold room, more by appearance than temperature. It resembled the emergency room from a futuristic theme park exhibition, with walls lined with blinking consoles and space-age medical equipment positioned at various stations about the large space.

He was naked and warm and, true to his suspicions, suspended upright within some kind of force field. He looked down to see his bare feet hovering over a circular pad that blinked bright colors in random sequence.

Perhaps Heaven, or Hell, required a physical upon entrance. The thought bewildered Kelly, but his complacency soon turned to determination upon seeing two other men standing before him, staring up with what appeared to be restrained delight.

Naked. Everybody was naked today. Had he missed a memo somewhere?

They were practically identical, with long, auburn hair and nicely sculpted pecs and abdominals. Large cocks hung limp between strong legs that tapered down to firm feet as each man stood with some authority. How could they not? They weren’t being held captive.

Kelly felt his entire body flush deep red as they stared, and wished for a more interesting distraction. Wasn’t it enough he had to endure years of being on display while clothed, catching snippets of whispered, smirking dialogue as he passed? No amount of casual camouflage could disguise him from others with self-proclaimed “gaydar.”

Who knew what extrasensory gifts these men possessed? Telekinesis, perhaps, given the way their equipment didn’t need to be constantly supervised. Kelly couldn’t be certain these men weren’t using mind power to make him float.

One man held a blinking device that resembled a small flip-phone—only cell phones rarely shot blue beams of light which lightly stung skin. What was the man doing? Kelly tried not to squirm. Hanging naked in mid-air was silly enough, even with the small audience.

“Are you well, Kelly Landry?” the man asked in careful, slow English.

“I’m fine, what the hell is that? Where am I? This sure as hell doesn’t look like a sci-fi con. What have you done with my daughter?”

“She is fine, as are you.”

“What’s going on? This can’t possibly be the hotel across the street,” Kelly said. “If it is, I don’t know what the hell kind of convention you got going on—”

“This is not the hotel, Kelly Landry, and it’s no dream, either. I think you do realize that you were never going there,” said the hunk with the halting speech. He lifted his gaze from the device and smiled at Kelly through thick lashes. “I do hope you’ll find this is a better place…your new home.”

Kelly swallowed. New home?

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