Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer of Love - Hop on Board

So I love The Militant Baker. I love the fashion posts and the high-larious commentary, and today I saw her 2014 Summer Adventure List. I have a bucket list fetish ~ you may have seen some of mine here and elsewhere. Earlier this year I set up the goals of finishing all the Pulitzer novels and Rolling Stone Top 500 albums, and of course I have the Sideboob Hour TBR to finish. With summer coming I have to plan things to keep little one entertained. I don't get as lengthy a vacation as the kid and the teacher husband, but working a flexible schedule allows me to have some fun when appropriate. I saw all the cool things Jes wants to do this summer, so I figured why not share mine?

Now for a rundown:

Learn to crochet - I have a handle on the round looms. I made a nice 4th Doctor scarf for my AAD basket, and am knitting some neat promo for later. For my daughter I made a Leia cinnamon bun hat and Gryffindor scarf, but now she wants me to make My Little Pony dolls. Not sure what I could do with the loom, and I've wanted to crochet for a long time. So I'll look for a class.

Go roller skating - I have these awesome derby skates, in a box under my bed. Nobody will skate here. The little one fell once and gave up, DH has a bad back. This summer I intend to brave the crowds at the boardwalk.

Cherry picking - There's an orchard not far from here. We missed last season because there's a small window anyway and I couldn't get there in time. This year, we'll make time.

Camping weekend - Little one likes camping, so this year we're looking for a good spot in the mid-Atlantic. Bringing s'mores.

See the Currituck Mustangs - I've been to Corolla before, but didn't see the wild horses. Going to amend that this year.

Doctor Who Binge - Getting Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, whatever it takes. Starting at William Hartnell and not stopping until Matt Smith fades away.

Make Sangria - Lord knows I have enough wine.

Read new-to-me author - This won't be difficult. Several on the radar already.

Hike part of the AT - AT being the Appalachian Trail. We're not far and have our choice of many loops. Perhaps a short one to ease DD into hiking.

Bird Watching - Little one loves birds. I keep saying we'll do a bird sanctuary or birding trail. Good time to go.

Letterboxing Trip - DD and I did this for a bit when she was younger. I miss it, because it makes for a fun hunt. We could find a few boxes when going on some of these short trips.

Drink Mimosas - I usually have these on holidays. Time to celebrate Festivus early.

Visit the Eastern Shore - I drive up and down the ES a lot. I never stop. I really want to.

So what you doing this summer?

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